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Yahoo is one of the biggest search engines, being widely used across the globe. It provides many free services to its users such as mail service, image or video search, messenger, etc. With the help of it, you can stay connected with your friends, families or colleagues. Professionals usually save their important emails, to have access to important data at the time particularly when, servers temporarily stop working. Saving one by one message to your hard drive is a very time-consuming process. There is a more convenient method to save the message in your local drives such as Microsoft Outlook or Windows Live Mail. Keeping the backup of your emails for safety is a good idea. Since Yahoo Mail doesn’t have an export feature, it’s important to understand what options are available to the user. Here, we will tell you the various ways to store your email on your hard drive.

Yahoo Mail Backup

   > First, open an email you’d like to print.

   > Press More button located at the bottom.

   > Choose Print.

   > Press Print in the pop-up window which will appear.

   > You need to follow the browser instruction to complete this process.

  • You can also forward a single email to another email address

You can also do this via email by replying to a single sender or multiple contacts, or forward emails to new recipients to share your messages.

  •      First, you need to open an email.
  •      You need to press one of the following:
  •      Click on the Reply button to reply to the last sender.
  •      Press on the Reply All button to reply to all the recipients.
  •      Press the Forward button to address to the new recipient.
  •      Create your message.
  •      Press Send.

Post Office Protocol is 1 method to get Yahoo Mail on your desktop or mobile app. POP save copies of your email, so you can move and delete them in the application without affecting any original emails.

POP settings for Yahoo Mail

Incoming Mail (POP) Server configuration

> You need to check the configuration of the server for incoming mail is

>  The port should be – 995

>  SSL is Required – Yes

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server configuration

> You need to check the configuration of the server for the outgoing mail is

>   Port should be – 465 or 587

>   SSL is Required – Yes

>   TLS Required – Yes if it is available.

>   Authentication Required – Yes

Your login info

> Email address – Enter your full email address (

> Password – Type your account’s password.

> Requires authentication – Yes

·         Yahoo mail Backup with the help of Windows Live Mail

>  You need to choose “Add E-Mail Account” from the left pane. Type your Yahoo Mail email address and password into the given empty fields.

>  Type your display name what you want to show and then you need to choose Configure Manually Server Settings for E-Mail Account and press “Next”.

>  Choose “POP3” as the incoming mail server and then type “” into the Incoming Server field.

>  Type “995” into the given Port field and then choose “This Server Requires a Secure Connection.”

>   You need to make sure “Clear Text Authentication” is marked, and then type your user name into the empty Login ID field.

>  Type “” into the Outgoing Server field and then enter “465” into the given Port field below Outgoing Server Information.

>   You need to Choose SSL and “My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication.”

>   You need to press Next> Set This Account as the Default Mail Account, if needed.

>   You must need to Press “Finish” button to download the emails to your computer. Click “Alt-F”, choose “Options,” then press “Mail.”

>   Press the “Advanced” tab and then press “Maintenance” and press “Store Folder” to view where the messages are saved on your hard drive.

·         Yahoo Mail backup with the help of Zimbra Desktop

You can also backup Yahoo with Zimbra Desktop application. It is an email client which allows you synchronise all your Yahoo emails, events, contacts and calendar. To download Email, you need to download Zimbra in your system. It is a very useful plug-in which can be used to download your entire backup.

>  First, you need to open Zimbra desktop.

>  Click on Add new account.

>  Choose Yahoo from the Account type list.

>  Enter your account credentials as asked.

>  Click Validate and press save button to begin the synchronisation.

·         Yahoo mail backup using Microsoft Outlook

>   First, you need to press the “Start” button, then “Control Panel” and type mail into the given search field and then choose “Mail” from the results.

>   Press “E-Mail Accounts” and then choose “New.” You need to choose “Manually Configure Server Settings or More Server Types” and then press “Next.”

>   Then you need to choose “Internet E-Mail” from the options and then press the “Next” button. Type your display name, email address and password into the given empty fields.

> Select”POP3″ from the Account Type drop-down menu. You need to type into the field of the Incoming Server.

>   You need to type into the field of the Outgoing Mail Server.

> You need to press the “More Settings” and then press the “Outgoing Server”. Choose “My Outgoing Server Requires Authentication”.

>  You need to press “OK” button to confirm and then “Next” button to finish. You have to choose the new mailbox from the given list and then see the message at the bottom of the screen to check where the mail files are saved.

These are some methods which will help you to save your Yahoo email to your hard drive. It is very important as we can now save our important documents which you had received in your mail.

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