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Within a short time period Xiaomi mobiles have carved a niche of their own. Even with the competition growing everyday, these smart cellular gadgets have embarked their presence in the field with a high impact. Offering the best options to the customers, and a diverse range these phones have grabbed the attention of every user. This is the reason why Xiaomi Phone have become one of the most desired ones in the market.

Here is a look at some of the top options that are being offered in the form of a Xiaomi phone in the market –

1. Xiaomi M2s – a 4.5 inch dual core processor smart phone, Xiaomi M2s is the perfect choice for someone looking for a handy smart device. The gadget comes equipped with a 16 GB ROM that presents sufficient storage space for the user. Not to forget the 3G facility that makes browsing lightening fast. Available in more than 5 color options the mobile is a hit amongst people who are willing for a mid-range mobile that can suit to their needs. No matter what your needs are this gadget is simply going to be a great buy if you are interested in buying a smart phone.

2. Xiaomi M2 – next on the list comes in the form of Xiaomi M2a. This stunning device is equipped with a M2 Qualcomm processor. The processor is dual core with 1.7 GHz memory space and a 2 GB RAM. The internal storage space of 16 GB is a plus point as this much space can be utilized to store huge amount of data for any purpose. The device is also available in variety of colors has been making waves as one of the most rapid selling products for the Xiaomi company. If you are planning for a real smart device for great experience then perhaps this is the best buy for you.

3. Xiaomi Mi3 – claimed to be the fastest cell to come in the market, Xiaomi Mi3 is one of the most highly anticipated devices in the market at present. The features of this device are simply going to blow you away. The phone comes equipped with a NIVIDIA Tegra 4 processor. This processor can generate great speeds to give you a wonderful web experience. Apart from this, HD display, 13 megapixel camera and enhanced battery back up are  some of the advanced features that company offers with Xiaomi Mi3 mobile. For someone who is looking for a high end gadget within budget this phone is perhaps the best choice available in  the market at present .

These three options from the company are simply amazing for people who are interested in becoming a part of the smart world with a smart cellular gadget. So, if you are also interested in same and are looking for the best option then do consider Xiaomi devices. These are perhaps the most under-rated but rapidly growing cellular machines that you can think of. So wait no more, just go to a mobile shop today and see for yourself. 

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