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In our digital world, people have shifted the focus of reading culture. People are more focused on reading eBooks as opposed to buying hardcover books. This indicates that the world is revolutionizing the way we seek knowledge from the books. EBooks have entered the scenario greatly; this has led to increasing the level of convenience for readers, more, those who like to be and to stay connected to the internet world.

Writing An EBook

There are a large number of people who wait for businesses to deliver them with relevant information about products that they use and on the products they want to purchase online. This can be any information which is related to a product. For instance, if it is about downloading a certain game then players will require a guide to playing the game perfectly. They can go online and search a book which includes tips and tricks used in playing that game.

By getting an eBook, business is going to add value to a product so as to sell. This can be done by writing an eBook on a personal basis or by hiring a writing service. Whatever the option you chose, there is need of having an ample knowledge on writing professional eBook. Once you have the simple tactics, then you can apply them to your business.

So as to ensure the ideas of your book have good chances of being discovered by your audience in a natural way, you must verify the following things;

• Are audience looking for the ideas in that eBook?

• Are individuals willing to spend some cash on that book?

• Is there competition?

This article focuses on the Things to know when writing an eBook which sells. Have a look at it;

The 4-step of book validation process

To answer the questions above you to have the following four steps: the step may seem tedious, but they are the positive part as compared to writing a complete book which is going to fail epically

Step 1: Organize your information

It is important to ensure that you are fully organized. If you wish to save time, then you can download a free publishing program and a book ideas validation worksheet which have all the equations, headers, and recommendations.

Step 2: Research book idea

Sadly, Amazon does not tell people the number of people who search for something on the website. People are left to assume and guess.

There are two ways which you can use to get better data which is going to help you figure out the number of people who are interested in a phrase or an idea. You can either use a Google keyword planner or a KDP rocket. Online writing services like Edusson and similar ones may offer writing assistance for other stages as well.

Step 3: Learning if an idea will make money

Interest in any idea does not mean it is a money maker. If you follow the following steps, then you will get to know whether an idea is going to represent the potentially profitable book.

• Search an idea

• Write down Amazon Best Seller Rank

• Plug each ABSR into a free Kindle sales calculator

• Multiply book numbers

• Multiply gross figures.

• Add author earnings together to get the average daily earnings.

Step 4: Determine if there’s room for competition

Everyone love a profitable and a very popular book idea- competitors included. If you have progressed and idea through its preceding stage, then move to other steps. Keenly look at the following:

• Title and subtitle

• Book covers

• Authors reputation

• Description

Amazon is going to tell you which book is accessible

Other key tips to have in mind include;

• Exploring you Passion for writing

• Focusing on the needs of the reader

• Getting your work edited by others

• Read success stories of others

• Allocating enough time for research


An eBook can be a life changing element. If you are planning to have steady flow of income or you want to take a step in your writing career then start with an eBook.

Michael Jacobs is one of the authors of Edusson‘s articles

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