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WordPress is a part of contemporary world. It is difficult to imagine life without gadgets nowadays. People communicate, listen to the music, watch movies, play games, and work with their help. It is no longer in fashion to keep a paper diary. There are still exceptions though who prefer it this way. At the present day, day of technology and progress, it is available to keep a journal, have a blog or develop an entire site by means of WordPress mentioned above. Its versions are available for any device you use, whether it is a personal computer, tablet or mobile phone. Let us take a look more closely at how to create a blog by using WordPress.

Writing a blog

WordPress is very flexible. There are customization features, which Facebook, for example, will never have. Creating a blog is a great opportunity not only for the ability to express your thoughts but also for opportunity to share your ideas with others. People might read and suggest their help on realization of these ideas. This is essential for those ones who are eager to start and run business of their own. Many people around the world already do that. The benefit of having a blog created with the aid of WordPress is that it belongs to you. It has your name on it and it is yours only.

Of course, having a page on other social websites is a nice thing. You can communicate, share pictures and videos through them but you will have to deal with their terms and conditions. The rules on the site may be changed any minute and you will not know a thing about it. It is like with running a business of your own. You dictate the terms and conditions. Just come up with a domain name and what you also need is hosting. You might already have a domain name. In case of none, you will need to buy one. As for web host, Bluehost is considered to be a good one to choose. Then, download and install the WordPress itself. It is done through Bluehost, by the way which makes it very convenient.

Think of the theme of your blog. Then install plugins and, of course, start writing a content. Work on a design of the banner, logo of your blog. Include pictures of yourself so people could see whom they speak with and your blog will look more trustworthy this way and begin writing posts on topics you find inviting, engaging, something what fascinates you or put worries into you. From now on, this is your online world, world of your imagination!

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