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Workflow Automation Software Open Source

If you are still using the emails and spreadsheets for controlling the tasks assigned to your team, then you are missing out the effectiveness of using workflow automation software with open source. This is what we consider as a great tool that will add greater task control to your company, making it possible to access the data through different management panels.

For achieving this goal, the workflow automation software should have some important features which make it efficient. Here are some of these features which any amazing workflow automation software will definitely have:

  1. Easily create the rules and integrations

Gone is the time of complex platforms for which a person has to be a master with coding to work on it. These days, the effective workflow automation software with open source makes use of Low Code BPM, with an intuitive way to configure rules with a drag-and-drop mechanism. Along with this, the software should also allow the integrations through web services and plug-in applications like IFTTT and Zapier.

  1. Must use an international standard notation

In the workflow automation software, it is important that it should employ the BPMN notion which is the most common among the people. This will allow easier communication and everyone. Even in the case of preparing a presentation to explain any to the clients, they will have the knowledge about the references through which they can understand the process in a better way, allowing the client to have a greater perception regarding the value of your services or product.

  1. Ease to set deadlines and alert

While handling some task, it is always important to be aware of its deadline and keep reminded about the same. Workflow automation software with open source should allow you to set the deadlines associated with your workflow. This can be considered as one of the most important features of this software. The software must allow you to set some triggers through which the staff and the managers will keep getting the alerts about the deadline. This helps in promoting engagement and facilitating the prioritization.

  1. Remote access and real-time sharing

These days, digital transformation is something that each company is accepting. Employees look for a way through which the data about the workflow can be accessed from anywhere and at any time. This is where cloud-based tools excel. Thus, it is important that the workflow automation software should be cloud-based which makes it easier to access and monitor the data in real-time.

  1. Easily accessible through mobile

When it comes to having responsive workflow automation software, it is important that the software should be accessible from different devices. This is why the software must provide the interface for any screen size so that the data can be easily accessed from a variety of devices, making the team and the managers more agile.

The effectiveness of workflow automation software with open source can’t be denied. It’s just necessary to check for all of these features before choosing the software.

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