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WordPress, initially developed and positioned as a blogging platform, is now popular as an instrument for business ideas. Free WordPress themes are widely used by entrepreneurs all around the world. When it comes to the best templates, it is important to know, that design is not the main criteria. There are also download speed, SEO optimization, adaptability and other important points to pay attention to. Which of the themes are best for any business ideas?


First thing to pay attention to when choosing a theme is its source. free WordPress themes are sometimes attractive, stylish and have good characteristics, but are full of adds inside and sometimes viruses. Buy nice or buy twice. No one wants to find unexpected adds on the perfect minimalistic design, which influences the website responsiveness as well. No one wants to find out one morning that the site is not working anymore or was redesigned for a new product in several hours.

The best decision for avoiding this is buying/downloading an official theme or use trustful sources. The official website offers plenty of responsive WordPress themes with affordable tariffs for business, freelancers or entrepreneurs. Of course, there are free themes, which are also widely used by various small business, bloggers and craft shops.

To pay or not to pay?

Today about 20% of all the web is powered by the platform. WordPress ecommerce themes are used widely enough to be considered as successful, trustful and at the same time affordable platform for developing small or big online shop. With the official offers, clients can not worry about web hosting, domain or do my essay queries, which is another privilege in comparison to a free account. It is better to buy it once and forget about the problems for at least one year.

Free themes are considerable for learning. This is the best opportunity to experiment with the themes, their responsiveness, try different codes and content reorganization. A free platform is also useful as a trial website where you are going to work only with your team. This is also a good solution for bloggers and people who are at the beginning of their professional career. You have the field for experiments and unlimited possibilities for implementing your business ideas and making important design decisions.


The attitude of the platform is great. This means that an entrepreneur must not have a technical background for creating his own webpage. The admin panel is simple what makes it possible to administer a website without a lot of efforts. Again, it is reasonable to use free themes to learn how it works and to buy one for further professional usage. The environment of the builder allows implementing any decisions without special knowledge.

How to choose a theme?

Before choosing the theme, every user must know his content. It is important to have an idea of the structure of the information presented on the site. Collecting data and making it structured will help to make the right decision. Writing the content is also useful before choosing the proper theme. These are the basics to have at the beginning. After this, it is time to make a decision.


This theme offers to concentrate only on the important information. This is a minimalistic theme with elegant design. This is a decision for logical and smooth websites not overloaded with text information which means it won’t do for bloggers. The theme is convenient for web developers because is is simple to settle. This is a chance to represent a good taste within the elegant design which perfectly fits a content which must not be lost among the design decisions.


To set up this theme there is no need for special knowledge in coding because the page builder is pretty simple and easily customizable. It is not a problem to add buttons, text, widgets, other styling, and structural elements. The management looks as simple as the final result. This is a reliable theme for every type of content not overloaded with text.


This is the top theme for reliable decisions for big and small business ideas. Consulta is responsive and fast. It can be chosen for financial, consulting, investment, and other type of business. It not only looks good and neat but also a perfect solution for both clients and business partners. This is not only a visit card but a reliable instrument for working and creating a client and business partner database. Consulta is also perfect for different kinds of operations performed instantly on the site.


Consulta, as many other themes, doesn’t require coding skills. This is a simple instrument which can be edited within the convenient admin panel by each administrator. The pages will be fast and responsive within all the ‘heavy’ content including animations or video. Consulta is the best option for financial and consulting services.


The name of the following theme speaks for itself. This is a top and reliable option for those, who have a small business idea and want to represent it as a good-looking web page. Be it a personal consultant, masseuse, corporate planner, or other small entrepreneurs, this platform will work perfectly.


The beauty of the platform offers to organize any kind of scheduling inside the web page. Small entrepreneurs’ ideas will be implemented nicely with this theme. The functionality allows to make the digital visit card not only nice, smooth and responsive, but also useful for making a necessary schedule and find important contacts.


This is another platform for small entrepreneurs. This is a convenient instrument for agencies, bureaus, and companies with similar requirements. High-quality web pages can be created without any coding and technical background which is another advantage of the theme. Another good thing about Economist is that it provides demo pages and sites which can be imported easily.


Economist offers shortcodes which help to represent information efficiently. Plugin LayerSlider provides the pages with smooth sliders which adds specific design elements. It is another strong, SEO optimized, and responsive theme which can guide your company to success.


This is a truly minimal and well-designed theme, which can be used for any purposes. The theme is perfect for e-commerce and online transactions, so online shops are welcomed to use it. Unitheme is created to represent your product within the best light and ensure your client to buy it.


The innovative Visual Composer helps to create every element and create the whole design without coding knowledge. This is a convenient instrument for selling any type of a product or service. Universal set of features allows finding a solution for the most tasks. Unitheme is created to represent the product and to sell it.

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