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Did you know that some 75% users click only the top 5 URLs on the SERPs? 

More so, did you also know that 7 out of 10 links clicked are actually organic? 

You should also know that a whopping 70 to 80% users mainly focus on organic results and in the process, give a royal miss to paid ads. 

Furthermore, you should know that 3 out of 4 users never bother to go past the first page (first 10 results to be precise) in ranking results….  

SEO is Important For Your Business

Well, by know, you must have understood the scenario conveyed to you. To put it simply, SEO is perhaps the most important online marketing strategy for business across industry verticals.  

In today’s time, businesses just can’t ignore the power of search engine optimization as this is from where they get the traffic, they get visitors and they boost the online presence of their websites and products on search engines.

SEO continues to be as important in 2016 as it was a decade or so back with just some minor algorithm tweaks to go along. For small businesses, SEO has brought a level playing field in an industry otherwise dominated by big corporate houses.

Benefits of SEO to businesses

Without doubt, SEO is indispensable. It’s a vital clog in the marketing or advertising wheel of businesses across industries. It’s a technological boon for small and mid-sized businesses with not a deep pocket to splurge heavily on promotional activities.

Here are five major benefits of SEO to businesses –  

#1  A boost to traffic 

SEO brings traffic to your site. It helps generate more clicks and more impressions for elements of your website. Your products, services and other aspects now get superior visibility in searches. The level of engagement and conversions with your website goes notches up. Not to forget, a superior CTR is achieved. All this means your site, and business in particular, stands to gain the most out of the internet and its ever-growing potential. 

#2   ROI  

The best thing about SEO is that it delivers quantifiable results. Which means, businesses can measure and track the performance of their optimization efforts. Analytics can be leveraged to understand the demographics apart from getting a peek into the requirements of visitors to the site. This is how a clear ROI is shown or achieved.   

#3 Cost effectiveness    

Thanks to SEO, even small business can now expect to challenge the might of big-spending behemoths in the world of digital marketing. It is an amazing way to help the business, product and services based on demographics, user interests, age and other vital parameters. It’s perhaps the inbound nature that makes search engine optimization an extremely cost-effective way to market your business on the internet.   

#4  Superior website visibility 

It’s the SEO which helps boost the visibility of the website for users and search engines alike. Both can find your websites in a simple and easy manner, and this ease with navigation does have a favourable impact on the site. This is how indexing and crawling becomes a lot simpler for search engines.  

#5  Brand building  

SEO enhances the presence of your business across channels on the internet. It helps bring more exposure, takes products and services to users, and gives an opportunity for customer engagement. This is how the level of trust is boosted for your website. So, there can’t be anything better than this for brand building measures for sure.

In a nutshell, all this and more benefits can reach your business if you hired a top SEO company India. After all, experts know what it takes to boost your brand value on the internet.

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