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Why My website is slow

People around the web facing issue regarding website loading. They often think that their internet speed is slow to load the website faster.

Is that true? No, In most cases, It is not true. Then what is the problem with web loading?. Have you ever think about that apart from your ISP net speed?.

If no, Don’t worry. I have the answer for you. read below to know the reason.

Most of the website on the internet are hosted in HDD drives in hosting servers. Those hard disk drives contain spin wheel with read and write head.

When they host a website, Most admins host it on the shared hosting to reduce the cost of web hosting.  Because for micro sites, it is not necessary to go for dedicated servers.

Shared hosting enough for them to host. In initial stage when you host a website in shared hosting you may not receive any issues.

But in later stages, you will face the problem in web loading. The site speed will go high to low. This is due to sharing HDD with another site in shared hosting.

For HDD, If we request the site to load in the web page. The DNS redirects to host servers. In shared hosting the host server receives so many requests at the same time.

To load all the website, the hard drive spins more and more. When the storage space is high HDD works fast. But when it is low, It takes the time to read the memory as it requires a lot of spins to read it.

So the process becomes slow. But we have another way to overcome it.

You might wonder how it is possible. you may ask, Are you going to make the hard drive to spin 2x faster like speeding up the bike by accelerating it?.

No, it is not in that way. Even bike too have its limit in RPM. Technology always upgrades, So HDD also has its alternative. Yes, In simple one letter change you have the upgrade name.

SDD is the alternate for HDD as SSD does not spin to read the memory, it works faster. SSD stands for Solid State Drive.

It responds faster than HDD. Even though it is shared hosting, SSD does not give its speed in responding. The low memory space and the server load won’t affect the speed much.

Who else don’t like to give the good speed of loading to their visitors? The way to give the good speed of loading without going for any dedicated server is to go for SSD hosting.

A lot of companies who provides the web hosting services offers free trial for SSD hosting upgrade. You can check with them. Most of them give a 45-day trial. Once you use SSD for web hosting, then you will be additive to that like me. Give good experience to the user to get the good response from them.

Remember Web loading time is one of the ranking factors in google. Matt Cutts told that in a video response to the questions from webmaster around the world. Why are you still reading. The infographic gave you all the comparison between SSD vs HDD. Now you will have an understanding about Solid state drive Hosting advantages. Go and try it.

If anyone have experience leave your command here.


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