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Are you currently trying to expand your SEO and digital marketing services into the domain of PPC? Maybe you have the enthusiasm necessary, but you don’t have the resources or the knowledge. The additional PPC services can help you explore new markets and acquire new clients. If these services are currently out of your reach, you can outsource the necessities to a concerned white label PPC agency. 

It is possible to outsource almost anything nowadays. Do you need a website audit report pronto? You can send the requirements to a third-party SEO agency. Do you need a PPC campaign plan or reporting? You can talk to a PPC reselling company for the same. 

What is white label PPC? 

A white label PPC agency ensures that you receive your client’s PPC reports or plans without any branding or logos. You can rebrand these reports and resell them as your own. You can pay the PPC reseller to create custom-branded reports that cover specific grounds as per your client’s specifications.

If you want to venture into the world of online paid advertisement, you can seek help from experienced and reliable PPC service resellers. These resellers can craft a bespoke campaign for clients of all SEO, digital marketing, and social marketing consultancies without revealing the actual source. 

Why do companies roll with white label PPC services? 

The PPC resellers ensure that you don’t have to credit them as the creators of the campaigns or the analysts of a report. It is easy to convince your clients that your team is the source of valuable ideas and analyses.

Another significant advantage is the steady increase in revenue. With a PPC reseller on your speed dial, you will never have to turn away clients who want a complete package. Many SEO agencies focus on only organic traffic, or they don’t have the time or free personnel to pay attention to the paid campaigns. These situations call for the intervention of PPC resellers, who can help you retain the clients and make more money.

PPC reseller services are not expensive. While you get the chance to expand your market, you don’t need to dish out fat wads of cash for the new services. It is an untold benefit that almost all SEO and digital marketing agencies across the globe enjoy! Visit Clicks Geek to learn more about the other benefits you can explore after you sign up for PPC reseller services. 

How can you ensure that you have found the right PPC reseller company?

To be on the receiving end of these benefits, you need to ensure a few defining features about your PPC reseller team.

  • The PPC resellers should be experienced

With the thousands of online listings, you will find it a little confusing to choose one PPC reseller. No matter which team you go with, ensure that the members are well-trained, and each one of them has impressive experience.

A white label PPC team requires experience to serve a select group of clients. Typically, Google AdWords Certified companies offer standard PPC reseller services. 

Unless you are satisfied with the services of a white label PPC company, you cannot expect your clients to be pleased with your quality of work. Your choice will determine the course of client experience and satisfaction, which will define your company’s financial success. 

  • Your team should have a certification 

Unlike SEO, the world of PPC reselling is quite black-and-white. To know if your PPC team is eligible to resell their services, all you have to do is find out if they have a certification.

Google has laid out the rules and regulations for white label PPC companies, and you can go ahead and ask your team if they have one. Any PPC expert needs to pass an exam to obtain the permit cum certificate.

The analysts have to pass the Google AdWords Certification Program based on the curriculum put together by the search engine giant. The PPC Company you are working with should mention the certification in its profile. In case they refuse to comment on the status of their employees’ AdWords Certification program, you should know that it’s time to look at a different team.

  • The analysts should provide updated reports periodically

Your team might not be able to meet the aim of the first month, but you can expect the complete summary of the PPC campaign investment and returns.

Your team should provide you with customized PPC campaign analysis reports periodically. It is a fundamental deliverable as per any contract you sign with a white label PPC company. 

Irrespective of the different goals your client sets for their paid social media ads and Google sponsored ads every month, you need to hand over a report of the performance to them. Documentation of the investment, expenses, and returns establishes transparency among clients.

  • There should be a concrete plan

Once you have found the right set of people to help you out with your client’s PPC campaign(s), you still need a set of plans that will outline the month’s deliverables, weekly to-dos, and daily responsibilities. 

Having a fixed schedule can help you compare the finished task to the pending ones. Sometimes, reviewing small tasks like reviewing an ad copy, checking keywords, and browsing ad extensions are the little tasks that help you understand whether your PPC team is pulling its weight.

Without a clearly laid out array of tasks, you will find it impossible to determine whether your team is meeting the short-term goals. 

A PPC reseller can make your dreams of expansion come true, and you won’t even have to worry about redistributing your capitals. It is as simple as taking PPC work from your clients and forwarding them to the white label PPC team for ideation or analysis. 

As long as you have a trustworthy white label PPC team by your side, you will never have to worry about complaints from your clients regarding service quality and report branding ever again. 

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