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SEO is overlooked by many business websites. Even when it’s not, most people don’t know how to make SEO techniques work in their favor.

Ineffective SEO cannot only make you “invisible” to Google, but also hinder your website with the search engine.

But how to avoid making a simple-to-avoid mistake when it comes to SEO? If you read below, you’ll see that’s easier than it seems.

SEO done right can:

•    Increase your web traffic

•    Help you get better visitors

•    Help growing your business

So read below to find out the things that will ruin your SEO efforts so you can avoid them.

1.   Lack of high-quality content

At the point when creating your content, make sure your data is significant, well researched and profitable.

Content that has no importance and is irrelevant to the audience is thought to be poor content. Or maybe concentrate on making superb content that is unique and exceptional, as this will provide the searcher with better results and a superior experience.

On the off chance that you intend to give the best experience to your visitors through your content, you can ensure Google will reward you for that.

2.  Choosing the wrong keyword

Many who claim to be SEO experts don’t know how to improve a site in general—they take the path of least resistance to advance keywords that are not in the least helpful for that specific site.

The decision of suitable keywords and their utilization all through the content is vital to draw in internet searcher engine spiders.

With wrong keywords, one will undoubtedly miss profitable possibilities and rather increase useless traffic.

3.  Not using keywords right

Anyone who understands the least about SEO will tell you that the most important place to put your keywords is the title and permalink. This is where you get the most out of your SEO efforts.

The keyword used in the title and permalink don’t necessarily need to be the same, but they need to have something to do with the main keyword phrase that your article is targeting.

So remember, if you don’t put the keyword that you’re targeting in your title and permalink all your efforts will have been for nothing. You’ll only reach a small portion of your target audience.

4.  Keyword overload

A great way to generate more traffic to your website, increase sales, get more leads is to include target keywords that are related to the products or services that you offer. This one of the best SEO techniques out there.

You should include the keywords in your blog posts, website copy, and page metadata. But when you do “keyword stuffing”, which means overusing them and stuffing them into these place, the search engines penalizes your website for such practice.

So avoid this like the plague, and put only the important keywords that are related to the content of the page.

5.  Using paid links

With the update of Google’s search algorithm to Penguin, the strategy of paid links ended at the same time.

Now, any search engine gives respect to the links with better quality because they’re more unique, instead of paid links that are pedestrian and low-quality.

These days it is a direct violation of the search engines standards to use paid links. The best you can do is to focus on great content, and it’ll help you garnering links naturally.

6.  Headline

A big mistake any content creator can make is neglecting the headline. The headline is the first and most important thing your audience will see.

So it’s super important that you not only do a custom writing with the headline but remember to put your main keyword there.

This will catch Google’s eye, and make it more desirable to any search engine out there.

7.   Duplicated content

This is a common SEO problem and one that can cause the most damages to your website. If a search engine finds duplicate content the pages are blocked.

You can indicate to Google that your page is original by using canonical URLs or try to set up a page redirect from the duplicate content.

But the best solution is to be aware of the originality of the page before you even publish it.

8.   Flash website

Many website owners learned this the hard way. They create a beautiful website with interesting content, but their ranks remain poor no matter what.

This is due to flash site not being SEO friendly. The mechanisms of the search engines can’t read through the content within a flash website.

You should have an HTML alternative and a mobile site instead of the flash website for you marketing endeavors and web presence.

9.  Forgetting meta tags

The meta tag gives a sneak peek to the readers of what your page is about. So if your meta tags are not optimized, it confuses the search engine mechanisms when trying to categorize your page.

There should be different meta tags for each page on your website because it helps with the ranking. And the description also helps you to stand out from your competitors.

So place the most important keyword at the beginning and you’ll be good to go.

10.  Wrong links

One of the most common mistake in SEO is building links for the sake of it. But this strategy is useless.

If you build quality SEO links for the search engines with a good strategy, your ranking will improve.

So don’t even try to link to directories because they’ll bring low-quality links.

So build links from trusted places and they’ll help to garner quality links for your website.


As you may have noticed, if you use keywords in the right places and in the right quantities, you’ll be on your way to avoid most of the mistakes that can ruin your SEO efforts.

But remember that building your website in a search engine friendly platform, controlling the links you build, and most importantly, creating great content is just as important.

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