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There are many purposes for starting a blog, one of the most popular reasons to create a business blog being to generate custom. As with any business in this day and age you need to be getting as many potential customers to you blog and website as you possibly can, traffic through your website will generate enquiries and targetted traffic that will lead to purchases of the products or the services that you have to offer.

According to Panda SEO, “Blogs are informational sites usally built around a specific niche topic, search engines love quality blogs. They interlink freely and enable visitors to leave comments which drives discussion and ensures the site is constantly updated with fresh content.”

In this post we will discuss several tips that you can use to generate more enquiries and customers from your blog:


Posting outstanding, topical content is one way to get more sales and customers from your blog. A business blog is a fantastic way to establish yourself as an expert in your field, blogging authoritively on your business topic means that you will build a level of trust with your customers and potential customers. By reading your blog customers will know that you can take care of a need or an issue that they might be having.

Post Regularly

You also need to make sure that you are posting regularly to your blog, you want to post more than once per month as posting less frequently will mean people will lose interest in what you have to say. Ideally you need to be posting several times per week, it can be quite difficult to keep your site updated with fresh content whilst making sure it does not decline in quality. Running a successful business blog can be a full time job and you may want to consider highering a full-time webmaster to keep the site updated. By posting informative information, industry and company updates regularly you always keep readers coming back to see what your latest news is.


Compelling headlines are a must if you are looking to get more customers and business from your blog. You need to draw in potential and current customers alike with the headlines that you create, creating an interesting headline will make people much more likely to read the rest of the blog post and hopefully follow the call to action that you set forth for them at the end.

Keyword Research

Investing your time into proper keyword research is also vitally important when it comes to getting more customers from your blog, you want to complete as much research as possible to make sure that you are locating the keywords and keyword phrases that are generating search traffic and popular with the particular niche that you happen to be promoting your business to. Proper usage of keywords is going to draw in a much larger readership to your blog, spending a bit of time to find productive keywords will hopefully lead to new and returning customers for your business. 

As you can see there are many ways that you can take advantage of blogging to get more customers to your website through writing on your blog. You will want to try a few of the elements mentioned above and maybe some of your own techniques to be able to see the most success.

This post was written and supplied by Mark Stubbles, online marketing expert and supplier of ready made SEO packages.

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