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Are you an aspiring UX designer? If yes, chances are you are browsing online for a rewarding job opportunity. You could also be an HR manager who is creating the KRA list for a UX designer. And here, it is essential to know the salient features of the job profile. Without a proper understanding of the accountabilities of a UX designer, you can’t search for a job, get trained for the same, or even create a job listing with a similar title.

User experience is a broad term! And it indicates different meanings to different people. It is essential to know the correct points that define the job title correctly. The following pointers can help:


  • The UX designer job profile means various things to various organizations 


Are you wondering why this is the case? One of the primary reasons for this is that the employees are still not clear about what they should ask a UX designer to do. They must have heard somewhere that a UX designer is essential for providing a pleasant user experience to the users. Hence, they have decided to implement one. Simply put, UX designers need to ensure that an end-user finds is satisfying to browse a website. And for that, he/she needs to incorporate all the necessary elements, from interactive bots, fast loading speed, clear font, and the like on the website.


  • Things to expect in a UX designer job description


So, what do UX jobs entail? What should be the specific tasks and accountabilities that an interested professional should execute? Some of the essential functions include the following:

  • Interpret the data along with qualitative feedback.
  • Carry out usability testing.
  • Plan and carry out user research.
  • Conduct competitor analysis.
  • Set up wireframes and prototypes. 
  • Develop storyboards, stories, and personas.
  • Decide on the data architecture. 
  • Create sitemaps. 

Additionally, some of the skills required as a UX designer are:

  • A practical problem – solving quality.
  • Adaptability.
  • Should execute excellent collaboration and correct communication. 
  • Should be a team player. 
  • Should help in proper design thinking. 
  • Should work keeping a user-centric approach and have proper attention to details. 
  • Should work with both an analytical and creative approach. 
  • Should have a clear understanding of the UX design principles. 

Furthermore, the UX designer needs to have adequate know-how on the industry tools like Illustrator, InVision, Sketch, OmniGraffle, Zeplin, and the like. They should also be aware of the business metrics and the capacity to translate the company objectives in a pleasant online experience.


  • The specialist’s role of UX designer


Other than the primary UX designer job, there are other specialist job accountabilities. And these roles are showcased by accomplished and big companies having a skilled design team, which includes more UX professionals at work. Some of the job and their descriptions are as follows:


  • User experience researcher


These professionals concentrate on the research concerning the design phase. These individuals must be experts in studying human behavior. They are also accountable for collecting more in-depth perspectives of the user motivations and requirements. They depend on quantitative and qualitative research. They also deploy a wide range of multiple processes that gets grounded in any of three essential methods, namely, understanding, analysis, and observation. Some of the job profiles would include the following responsibilities:

    • Conducts heuristic assessments. 
    • Works in close co-operation with the product team and recognizes the research questions. 
    • Helps to outline and fine-tune the user personas. 
    • Plans and carries out essential user surveys, usability tests, interviews, and card sorting.
    • Design, plan, and implement the studies to user attitude and behavior.
    • Can communicate the perspectives to other team members so that they can shape a durable product or service strategy. 

And some of the essential requirements and skills for the UX researcher are:

    • Should be an expert in the best practices of user-centric design. 
    • Have adequate experience and apt know-how in cognitive science, psychology, user experience design, information science, and many more.
    • Has the capacity to collaborate with multiple teams. 
    • Has excellent communication skills and an understanding of user psychology. 
    • Is an expert in analysing and managing both the qualitative and quantitative data.
    • Should have an in-depth idea about some of the industry tools like Google Analytics, Keynote, Adobe, Sketch, and many more.


  • UX architect


Information architecture stems from cognitive psychology and library science. And in a way, the information or UX architects are much like the digital librarians. These people are involved with organizational content and the data across the online product. They also study how all these contribute to pleasant user experience. They also make sure that a screen and web page gets structured in a way that it helps the end-user to attain its objective. The data architects are also accountable for the total website navigation, ensuring that the user has a logical and coherent journey. Some of the vital accountabilities for this job description are:

    • Has to work in co-operation with the UX researchers to recognize the user requirements. 
    • Has to know the way end-users navigate and consume content.
    • Conduct tests of the current data structure and recognize the scopes for improvement, which also comprises of the content audits and inventories.
    • Label the available data. 
    • Plan and then design the data architecture for the app or website. They need to know how data can get used and in what way? They should also get aware of the elements that are essential and needs to get executed on priority. 
    • Generate user cases as well as the flow diagrams and even define the data hierarchies. 
    • They should set up taxonomies and wireframes. 

Some of the essential skills and capacities for this job profile are:

  • Should have the correct attention to detail.
  • Should have the necessary training and know-how to use the industry UX design tools.

Several UX design jobs get posted daily. It is essential to identify the UX professional that you wish to work as and get the required training. It will help you to understand the job profile better and apply accordingly as well.

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