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SEO and paid search are responsible for working in several ways of getting visitors to the business website. Paid search is capable of building immediate results but it is also expensive. On the other hand, search engine optimization is almost free of cost but the efforts of optimization can undoubtedly take a lot of time to impact the organic rankings. Both of these are significant elements of online marketing but might have different priorities based on the goals that you have and also your time. According to, paid search is not only quantifiable but also metric-driven. 

Earlier, marketers were responsible for managing all these tactics separately but currently, more businesses have started identifying the importance of the unified approach. Search engine optimization and paid search are both dependent on keyword research. Given below is a list of the ways that will help you to integrate both right now. 

Keyword research and keyword expansion

You can make use of the Google webmaster tools and Google analytics to understand the keywords that will be responsible for driving traffic to the site. If the queries are not present within the paid search campaign, it is your responsibility to make sure that you are adding them and trying them. You can use Google AdWords tools for determining whether the traffic volume that you are receiving is worth the money that you are spending. On the other hand, you can also consider the highest converting keywords and make sure that you are prioritizing those that have been helping you to rank organically. 

Try to start with high quality and top converting terms. There might be a chance that all the keywords are extremely relevant to the business and can provide the chance of converting organically. You can start creating unique and compelling content around all these keywords so that you can increase the rank in the search engines. 

Paid links and organic links= clicks

Various studies revealed that users are interested in clicking on the paid link if they find that the organic link has been listed as well. This can look counter-intuitive. However, the truth is that unless the organic ranking is within the first three search engine positions, it might be extremely difficult to come across clicks. You need to make sure that you are present on the first page of search engine ranks. 

A study was responsible for focusing on the several interactions between paid advertisements and organic search results. It was discovered that sites that claimed to have the first position within the search engines, paid search were responsible for providing 50% of the incremental clicks. This means that the top-ranking website visits would hardly have happened if the paid advertisements were not present. If you are not running a paid search with the top organic links, you are leaving the clicks on your table. You can contact any reputed SEO Company in Toronto to receive help regarding this. 

Leveraging interesting copy

Make sure that you are taking the advertisements that perform the best in terms of conversion rate and click-through rate. Try to apply the advertisement copy and headlines into the Meta description as well as the title tags. Apart from that, you can also consider creating content by going through the organic pages that perform the best. This will also help you to understand how these kinds of content work within the paid advertisements. 

Getting content ideas

For search engine optimization, there is no denying the fact that content is undoubtedly king. Before you are developing content around the keywords that you have already researched, you must test them with the help of paid search. If you find that they convert well within paid search, there will be a good chance of working perfectly for search engine optimization as well. If it is not working for the paid search, it is not going to be worth your investment. With search engine optimization, things are going to take a lot of time to have an impact on the audience. This is why paid search is undoubtedly one of the best ways of testing ideas without having to spend your time, constantly waiting for the results. 

Identify your competitors

The pay-per-click reports can help in identifying new competitors. There might be a chance that you have never thought of them as competitors. By going through the insight report of the keywords, you will be able to understand how you are stacking up against your competitors and searching for certain keywords. 

Consider seasonality

Just like the other marketing campaigns, seasonality is an important factor in both search engine optimization and paid search. When you combine AdWords and organic data, you will be able to maximize the understanding of the downtimes and uptimes of your business. It is important to understand seasonality so that you can decipher when the search terms are going to be popular. This will help you to dictate or increase the ad spends for every individual keyword.

Why is it ideal to integrate PPC campaigns and SEO?

An uncommon misconception that has been coming up constantly is that when you are spending money on paid advertisements, it works like a band aid, which can be pulled off as soon as you have attained the organic rankings. This is something that is not true at all. It is important to understand the appeal associated with cutting costs and understanding how these misconceptions arise. Your main objective is to appear within the first results of the search engines. It is always a much better idea to have the top organic listing as well as the top advertisements together. The reasons behind this include: 

  • You can dominate both the areas of SERPs. 
  • You can have a strong presence, which will serve as your backup in case if the organic rankings take a hit. This can happen if there is a sudden change within the algorithms or if the site suffers from any technical issue. 

In short, when you are concentrating on diversifying the traffic, it will be easy to recover in case if you discover that the traffic from any particular source has taken a sudden and unwanted hit. 


It is a great idea to use both search engine optimization and paid search together so that you can work on receiving more traffic. Consider the ways that have been mentioned above so that you can do this perfectly. 

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