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When we talk about a company, the first thing that pops up in mind is its brand name. Every company is known by its brand. Do not puzzle product and brand. Actually, product means what company makes whereas brand is what customer buys. The brand is a promise that a company makes to its customers to assure unique and quality goods and services as well as their total support. Every brand has a unique trademark which makes it unique and protected from other competitors.

The brand has two views: For a customer, it signifies the source of quality products at lower risk and reasonable cost. For a seller, brand means a sign of quality, return on investment and competitive advantages. Branding connects four indispensable parts of a corporation: management, employees, customers and shareholders and to develop a branding strategy, all four participates equally.

Successful Brand Artist

 A brand is not just a symbol or logo. In fact, it’s a powerful marketing tool for a business. So, Designing a brand name brings heavy responsibility to a business. The foremost step for this is to choose The Best Brand Artist who can design appropriate business oriented brand name.

Basic traits of a successful brand artist:

1. Art is everything for them. A fraction of his mind is always occupied by artistic thoughts.

2. For a successful brand artist, the brand is an art for marketing. They understand business and involve themselves totally in it because they know that their work will give a face to business in the world.

3. Their mind is a store of the endless amount of creativity with which they add luster to brand.

4. They know how to manage resources and time for their passion

5. A successful brand artist is resilient. They never get discouraged in failure and learn from it. For them, success is not the matter of a day. It comes only after failures.

6. Brand artists involve only those people who are supportive to them, but not those who spread negative vibration around them.

Selecting a successful Brand Name

1. Select brand name under few criterion – descriptive, suggestive, uniqueness, classical, profitable and attractive. These factors bring assurance among customers about your company.

2. Generate multiple names based on sources like organization, management, and employees.

3. Screening of names on the basis of branding objectives and marketing considerations so as to have a more synchronized list – The brand names should be easily pronounceable and memorable.

4. Gathering more extensive details on each of the finalized names – There should be extensive international legal search done.

5. Survey on some sample consumers to make them understand the purpose of the brand. This survey result in information that assists to improve branding strategy

6. Following these steps, management finalizes the brand name that maximizes the organization’s branding and marketing objectives.

7. Do not go for cheap brand artistic material and choose the best material always.

There are millions of world famous brands, for example, Apple brand designed by the best brand artist Rob Janoff. Their integrated design services like graphic design, high-quality design printing contributed endlessly to increase Apple’s market share.

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