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Seo is becoming more and more complex every day. Google is launching quality updates more frequently to filter low-quality sites from search results. It has made seo and link building even more difficult because now google don’t ranks any site with a bunch of blog comments and social bookmarking links. Now high quality links are the only thing which can help you to rank a site in top search results. So I have decided to discuss few things about what type of link building practices seo experts should be used in 2018 to rank a website. Following are few most reliable link building practices which google considers trustworthy in these days.

Link Building Resources

Guest Posts: Blog posts and guest posts are one of the old method to generate links for your website. However this link building practice have become more important in these days. Google considers guest post links from quality blogs much trustworthy than a link from social bookmarking site. So if you are still putting your efforts in generating low profile links like blog commenting, directories or bookmarking then my advice for you is to stop it and focus on getting links from some high quality blogs.

Testimonial Links: Backlinks in testimonial page of your relevant sites are also considered trustworthy backlinks by google. The main reason of getting testimonial links is that these links are easily acquirable and also considered relevant backlinks. For having a backlink link from testimonial you can use products or services of any company which is related to your website and then you can place a review on their testimonial page with a backlink to your website.

Resource Links: Resource links or partner links are also very effective to give a boost to your site’s rankings. However getting resource links is comparatively difficult because very few of webmasters allows you to add your link on resource page of their website. To raise your chances of getting links on resource page, you can consider related industries instead of outreaching your actual competitors.  For example if your site is related to glass furniture then you can ask a wood furniture website owner to add your website link in his resource page.

News Sites: Having a link from well reputed news site can also be more effective for you than a low quality backlink. To get a link in news site you can get in touch with any local newspaper agency and ask them to cover any of your recent event in their newspaper. In that news you can ask them to add your website link with or without anchor text.

These are few of most trust worthy backlink practices which can help you to get highly effective backlinks for your website. Remember that a high quality backlink can be better than hundreds of low quality links so it’s better to put our efforts on generating a quality oriented backlink profile.

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