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Internet of Things is turning up the heat. With major business names like Amazon and more entering the battlefield in support of IoT, it is no wonder that the hype created around this technology is definitely worth it.

In our last post, we discussed what this technology is all about and how it is going to change the future of mankind. In this post we have compiled the list of IoT apps that are gaining popularity day by day.

Take a look at them and see where the future is going to take us with this technology – 

1. Wearable technology  

Apple’s smartwatch is perhaps the best example that fits here. With the launch of the apple watch, the world entered a new horizon of technology.

Apart from this revolutionary technology, we have also seen the rise of other smart gadgets like LookSee bracelet, Sony Smart B Trainer, and Myo gesture control devices. All these are just some of the examples of what this technology holds in the future for us.

2. Smart homes

Smart homes have been leading the charts when someone talks about the most popular IoT apps. If we look at the numbers then you will be amazed to know that among the companies that are investing in IoT, the majority of them are active in smart home industry.

As a matter of fact, the funding in this industry is estimated to be close to $2.5billion. So, you can see how popular these smart homes are becoming with every passing day!

3. Smart cars

Google’s self-driving cars have been making news for the past quite some time. But, that’s just the beginning. With other tech giants like Microsoft and Apple also announcing their internet in these self-driving connected cars, it won’t be long before we see the road filled with these smart cars. And, the cars that we are driving today will become completely obsolete.

4. Smart city

The concept of a smart city lies in the fact that technology will be responsible for automatically managing traffic, waste management, water distribution and almost everything else that is needed to run a city.

IoT promises to solve the troubles that we face in our cities on a daily basis. From traffic congestions to pollution reduction and more, IoT has got a solution for all that!

5. Digital Health

The health industry holds great promise for business owners. And, IoT promises to make that future even brighter. Connected healthcare systems, smart medical devices and lots more; the horizons of digital health are beyond what a layman can even think of. Although digital has not been able to make its mark quite yet, the future it holds is definitely promising!

6. Smart farms 

I am not sure most of you would have even heard of this technology. However, smart farms are definitely going to be the next big thing that IoT has got in store for mankind. The biggest challenge, however, lays in the fact that farming operations are carried out in remote places.

This is the reason that there has not been much development in this field up until now. But, the rate at which IoT is making process it won’t be long before we start to see things picking up the pace!

7. Smart retail and supply chains 

From tracking goods and imaging supplies to inventory management, things have been getting smarter in the market of supply chain over these years. And, IoT is to be thanked for all this! But, when we talk about smart retail proximity-based advertising, it is one of the first things that are worth mentioning.

These were some of the most popular apps that IoT has brought forward for us over recent years. But, this is just a few of the names. Apart from these, things like smart grids, industrial internet and many more are lurking around, which are going to make a huge impact in the coming times.

With all that being said, there is no doubt about the fact that the future of IoT is quite bright, and it is going to transform the way we humans have been carrying out things over the past so many ages.

If you want to stay updated on the latest happenings in IoT, Planning to invest in IoT? Consider these tips first! and keep reading our blogs in the future!

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