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Great online content creates revenue, increases traffic and helps the writer of the content or the company establish a good reputation. It helps to build brand, gain popularity and fresh audience, users and customers. Attractive and high-quality content is a very powerful too, that is why many companies look to hire writers who are versed and experienced in this field. For instance, hilarious textual advertisement has more chances to become viral than simple list of advantages and possible discounts for buying 10+,100+,1000+ units of purchase. Like the Prevention Plan done it once (Shark made out of cool typography! ). You can never go wrong with a concept like this one. It looks great and catches attention!

If in the past it was enough to write mediocre articles for your content marketing strategy, now Google has raised the bar. Only the content that generates genuine engagement is in Google’s good books. So well-written content is not attractive only to readers, but also to search engines and webmasters. You will find many people who write papers for money for companies that understood that top quality content is crucial.

Take these tricks into consideration the next time when you create online content.

  1. Ephemeral Content

This year the ephemeral content is the new trend. This kind of content consists of limited life posts that disappear after some time. Instagram has its own such features, called Instagram Stories, and Snapchat too. You might think how could content that disappears help your business? This content has been designed to be spontaneous and grounded at the moment and avoid content that might seem overly edited, stiff and formal. This means that you will not spend hours to design studio-quality images and videos. Instead, you will create bite-sized, casual, quick content that will cost you nothing to make. Moreover, people love it! They record their own stories and seeing someone’s new story they perceieve that person like an equal one. Which is definitely good for any bussiness: selling watches with ephemeral conrtact seller gets closer to avarega person and the frame of inaccessibility and overrated price fades away. You should reflect the human qualities of your business and if you are new to ephemeral content, start with behind-the-scenes videos and gifs, snippets from events or brand announcement teasers.

  1. Catchy Titles and Headlines

Headlines and titles should be direct and simple and go straight to the heart of the reader. Don’t try to sound witty or intriguing. There are many paper writers who manage to attract an increased number of readers only by reading such to-the-point titles. Announce exciting news and bring out the benefits of your services and products. They thought to be build on three main elephants of catchinees: sexual nature of humanity, mystery and dispute. People are curious so create headlines and titles that will grab their attention and make them want to read more. Also, what readers want is useful information, such as solutions and results to the issue at hand, steps, tricks, hints, a sense of order or something that will help them achieve their goals. Not in vain brand new growing sites use “how-to”, “tips and tricks” and other lifehacking clues to attract readers. People tend to changes, even if they won’t do them;)

  1. Be Conversational

Additional way is used – outsource writing. When editor need more articles than can create by itself, a third-side writers come in need. Buying research papers and posting them on your website will definitely not get the results you expect. But it can prevent losing audience, number of readers and traffic itself. Your fancy industry information and mumbo-jumbo that nobody understands will not impress or attract an audience. They need content that was written by a human, a mere post with no industry-specific jargon. Anyway, webmaster that is having troubles writing consumer-friendly content can always get writing help from the millions of freelancers writers out there. For nota bene: it’s shoudn’t be a permanent soultion in case of personal blogging. At least control and editing must take place in such type of cooperation.

  1. Make Content Visually Attractive

This year visually attractive content still plays a significant role in content marketing. Break up paragraphs into smaller ones, get your point across quickly, use big bold headings, infographics and images.

Especially with infographics webmasters and busnessmen win the competitiveness. (remember how Appla nad Samsung do it all the time). And the Nikon used the ad that became a super-viral in hours. People share it and lugh (and the income silently grew).

With these simple tricks, you will not overwhelm your readers, make your content flow more easily and make it easier to read. You can research paper online on how to create visually attractive content and learn some useful tricks from gurus in this industry. People skim more than read online content, so make sure the information you want to present strikes the eye.

  1. Help Your Customers Solve A Problem

Have you ever wondered why people read your content in the first place? It’s simple: they have a problem, and you have the solution. The only challenge is that you should write the right content for the right persons. The content is useful and attractive only for those that find the solution they need. So a simple change in your target audience is all that you need to make people read content. So if audience is wondering how often to send company emails to write a blog or article in which author answers that question. Make sure that content is addressed to the right people and the growth in traffic will be seen on the word. Here should be mention one of the most popular internet web resource – Buzzfeed, which masters the art of solving daily problems milllions of people around the world. Two main secrets of their content are: accessebility (Improvised means that could be easilly found in every market and garage) and openess (easy to find, comment, add own tip and share). People love it  a lot. Car owners were fond of such help.

Use attractive, smart and efficient content to boost your page rankings, revenue, and traffic. Master a few tricks and tips and you will become a master at writing better and attractive content.

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Samantha Anderson is Educator. She spends her free time blogging and is popular in students circles due to actionable tips on academic writing. As a freelance writer Samantha writes college papers for writing service WriteMyPaper.Today

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