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To analyze ranking potential of a web page it is very necessary to understand that how google rank a site. If you have understanding of that then you can easily assess ranking potential of a web page. Basically google considers different ranking factors to rank a website. These factors may include keywords in title, description and page contents, site loading speed, page content quality and most importantly quality and quantity of backlinks. By assessing these factors you can easily assess ranking factor of a web page. However analyzing backlinks one by one or checking contents thoroughly needs too much effort and time so it can take hours to assess ranking potential of a single webpage. By using few online tools we can reduce this extra work and can simply get the worth of backlinks in a single number which we can use to see overall worth of backlinks profile of a website. These tools may include Trust flow, citation flow and domain authority. Here are few ranking factors which you can check to see the ranking potential of a website.

Top 5 Ranking Factors

Numbers of Backlinks to Web Page: 

Numbers of backlinks for web page is the basic factor which you can analyze to see its ranking potential. More back links your page have more potential you will have to rank that page.

Number of Backlinks to Domain: 

Backlinks to domain also play important role to rank a web page higher in google. You might have seen a lot of web pages with no backlinks but they rank higher in search results for big keywords. The reason is that google give weightage to these pages due to a huge numbers of backlinks to its domain. So you also need to check domain backlinks to assess ranking potential of a web page.

Trust Flow: 

Trust flow is basically a matric by Majestic which is used to analyze the quality of backlinks. This tool tells you that how trust worthy backlinks your site or web page is getting. More trust flow means more good quality links your site have which is also an important factor to assess ranking potential.

Citation Flow: 

Citation flow is also a matric by Majestic which demonstrate quantity of backlinks in a single number. It basically the outcome of formula which analyze the numbers of domains referring to a site as well as numbers of backlinks. 

Domain Authority: 

Domain Authority also an important ranking factor. It is basically an outcome of formula of Moz which combines the quality and quantity of backlinks of a website and shows it in a single number which starts from 0 to 100. More domain authority a site have, more likely its pages will have higher ranking potential.

Page Authority: 

Page authority is also just like domain authority however it represents the backlinks weightage of a single web page and not complete website. More page authority a web page means more ranking potential a web page have to appear in top search results.

These are few of the most important ranking factors which you can consider and analyze while assessing ranking potential of a web page or website. This analysis is mostly used to compare a site with top ranking sites to see that how much backlink count will be needed to rank on top results. You can also use this analysis for keyword research to explore low competition keywords.  

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