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Hire Ipad to try these apps for free”

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Ipads are one of the most versatile digital devices which are being used in almost every field. SEOs and Webmasters are also using this device to optimize, promote and monitor their websites while on a trip or sitting in the bedroom. Ipad devices have made the internet resources easy to access however the users still need to browse the internet on their ipad to perform their daily task which can affect the overall performance of ipads itself. Here are few tools for SEOs and webmasters which can allow them to monitor their websites with ease and in less time. Following are the apps which can be used for SEO purposes.

Quick SEO Site Review App

This app allows the internet surfer to see the SEO parameters of a website which is currently open in a browser. On laptop or desktop there are many apps and add-ons which allows you to do it  however in case of ipads this is the app which allows you do see the SEO parameters of a website during surfing internet on a browser.

Google Analytics App

This is is a very well known app for web masters and SEO experts. Normally on Laptop or desktop the internet marketers needs to go to Google analytics website to see the visitors stats of a website however by using this app there is no need to go to analytics website. You can simply login to this app to see the stats of your website

WordPress App

If you own a wordpress site then it is the most important app which you should install in your ipad. This app allows you to update, edit or delete word press contents right on the ipad app.

SECockpit SEO Keyword Research Tool – iPhone/iPad

SEO cockpit allows you to do keyword research right on your ipad. In case of desktop or laptop there are many tools available which you can use to do keyword research however most of the tools don’t support ipads and iphones. SEO cockpit is the only keyword research tool which supports ipads.

These are few must to have apps for SEO’s and webmasters to monitor the performance of a website. Some of these apps are paid so you might need a paid account to use these apps on ipad.

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