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Infographic content is used to complex information in a quickly readable form. In fact, the use of infographic has been exploding over the recent few years.

Ask any of the marketing gurus in the market about viral content, and infographic is one of the first answers that you will get from them. No matter if you have just started to create these visually pleasing graphical forms or a seasoned campaigner, knowing about the best place for their submission is one of the most important things.

While people believe that infographic content does not have SEO value reality is exactly the opposite. What makes an infographic so good for the SEO purpose is the fact that it can be used to drive traffic, and lots of it! But for that you need to have access to the right places to share this infographic content.

This is the reason why I am going to share some of the top Infographic Posting sites sites so that you don’t have to run everywhere in search for the same. Have a look –

List of Infographic Posting sites: URL PR Registration Required
1 7 Yes
2 7 Yes
3 5 No
4 5 No
5 4 Yes
6 4 No
7 4 Yes
8 4 No
9 3 No
10 3 No
11 3 No
12 3 No
13 3 No
14 3 No
15 3 No
16 3 No
17 2 No
18 2 No
19 2 No
20 0 No

And, by the way I’ve got some really smart infographic submission tips for you as well. Here they go –

Mix up your titles

Just like other directory submission sites, infographic submission sites also have strict guide in terms of uniqueness of the content. So, if you don’t want to cannibalize your original infographic on your website, then be sure to mix the titles and then use them.

Original description

As already stated, duplicate content can kill your Seo. So, be sure to write unique that can easily pass through plagiarism tools like .A little time consuming, but trust me it will pay off in the long run.

Read guidelines

Most important of all, go through the guidelines of submission site pretty carefully as they can be a little picky when selecting the infographic! So, be extra careful

That’s all from my end! Hope these guidelines will help you achieve what you have been wanting for your website. 

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