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Let me start by explaining what I mean by an aggressive movie review. An aggressive review is one that sparks debate and controversy in the movie industry and provokes fans into giving opinions, both to the review and the movie. This is exactly what movie analysts want in order to evaluate the generation reception of a movie among cinema lovers. You don’t need a college degree to write an aggressive movie review. However, you might need the Tips for writing a movie review outlined here to write a viral review.

Tips For Writing A Movie Review

1. Story-line

To show professionalism, you must act like you have deep knowledge about movies. This means that you should consider saying something about the story line. Now, when it comes to the story line you should consider the movie as a single piece and try to inform the reader what story the movie is trying to tell. However, you should not stop there. Give the story a strange twist by trying to look at it from a controversial angle. Telling people what they have already read about somewhere else will not get you a following. 

2. Plot

After analyzing the scriptwriter and their story line, you can then proceed and critic the director’s work. The director’s role it to ensure that the film has a meaningful plot and that everything about the movie harmoniously agrees with the plot. Look at things like the costumes used on the actors, choreography and how the scenes unfold. You can ask yourself whether the movie has a climax and anti-climax, and what sort of emotions does it provoke from the viewer. After discussion these areas you can go ahead and offer an honest opinion about the plot. 

3. Characters

The reason we love movie stars is because they allow you to connect with everything else about the film at a personal level. Human beings are by nature empathetic beings. That is why exactly why you find yourself fighting hard to hold back tears during sad scenes. A good character is one who brings out the emotions in a particular scene just as the scriptwriter intended in the story line. This is by far the hardest part in a movie and you should take advantage of the fact when writing a review. You can either choose to analyze the characters or the actors playing particular characters.

4. Get Personal With Your Readers

If you want to keep your readers engaged you need to get personal. Provoke them into thinking along a given line then all over sudden introduce doubts in their minds. An aggressive review goes beyond giving opinions. You should demonstrate professionalism by allowing the reader to think of alternative points of view. You can also do some research on the kind of age group a given film targets. This should give you a rough idea on the topics the particular group finds interesting. 

An aggressive review has life and is contagious. Which means you can use one review to affect and provoke people all over the world to air out opinions. Do not worry about receiving negative responses. This is because publicity is just publicity; whether positive or negative. When people notice that your reviews are unique they will begin looking out for your opinions on movies.

The article was written by StudyFaq community.

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