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Learn videos editing like a pro to increase Youtube engagement

youtube engagement

YouTube has grown into a billion-dollar enterprise in the last decade, giving individuals of all ethnicities & backgrounds the opportunity to share their work and perhaps make a living from it. It’s difficult to get a footing on the platform because of the fierce competition, so you’ll need expert advice to help you along the way.

A well-produced video has a good mix of both quality and content. You don’t need a lot of expensive gear. However, you must master the fundamentals of video recording and editing before you can provide your audience with an engaging and visually pleasing experience.

Nerds, as well as amateur YouTubers who want to improve the quality of their videos, advertise their channels, get help in business growth and start editing videos like professionals, may find these eight ideas and techniques useful.

8 Tips to Edit YouTube Videos Like a Pro

  1. Start by Culminating all your Footage

If you edit your YouTube videos, you must follow a structure or set an order for how you prepare to edit your YouTube videos. This may sound obvious, but it is not. It’s the same as putting all of your videos in a single location.

It’s simpler to import files into your video editor when they’re all in one place, and it also makes it easier to keep track of everything related to a certain project.

Because it separates the planning phase from actual production, it saves you time. Understanding this is essential if you want to create an efficient editing process.

  1. Choose the Right Video Editor

The foundation for editing videos like a pro is a video editing solution that allows you to edit YouTube material. Having a video editing program linked to your YouTube account is critical for creating and sharing videos with the world.

For this reason, the YouTube video editor must include the most up-to-date editing capabilities. For raw material to be transformed into shareable films, it needs powerful video editing capabilities.

You can use a tool like InVideo, for example. The platform comes with a rich selection of 4000+ video templates that can be deployed in various use cases to make the most out of your creative abilities.

You may use it to create videos for various websites or YouTube and add multimedia and transitions to them using the platform. This customizability factor makes it a mandate to invest in the right video editing solution for your video projects.

  1. Establish a Narrative in your Videos

If you are familiar with the basics of how to edit videos for YouTube, you may be aware of the significance of tales and why they should be included in your advertising and marketing materials.

However, how well-versed are you in the art of video editing when it comes to creating a compelling narrative? It’s a big one, and answering it may seem tough at first, but don’t worry, it’s not!

To tell a story well, you must understand and be able to put into practice a few basic yet crucial concepts.  There are three parts to any story: the introduction, the middle, and the end.

So that your video’s viewers aren’t confused, make sure that all of the narrative components work together harmoniously as a whole.

  1. Deploy Patterned Interruptions

Interruptions based on patterns send viewers who are changing their focus fast and apparent mental messages. They’re used to break up long ideas in your film, which may lead to cognitive overload and make it harder for your audience to comprehend it.

Pattern-based disruption may “reset” your audience’s brains while drawing them in and holding their attention for longer periods. Pattern disruption is also an effective strategy.

By using them, Buffer was able to increase the growth of their YouTube channel by 59%. What can you do with patterns that are interrupted? Revisit your script and include any fresh pictures or ideas.

Changing the camera position by switching to another scene while talking about peeling a cooked egg is an example of a pattern-based disruption.

  1. Create a Video Hook & Appealing Intro

The opening of the video is crucial for capturing viewers’ interest. With so much competition on YouTube, your videos need to grab viewers’ attention right away if you want them to watch and interact with them.

A hook is a notion used to entice the viewer. A hook is a statement or phrase that instantly piques the interest of your audience. To the dismay of the general public, hooks don’t always have to make a big statement (even though those work very well).

Creating a connection between the title of the video and what your audience will receive from viewing it may serve as an effective hook for your video.

  1. Integrate Appealing Video Filters

Editing YouTube videos necessitates consideration of color a great deal. It has the same effect on viewers that audio does in that it forms an atmosphere around them. Because unprocessed films don’t look their best, color correction is a hot topic on YouTube.

However, if you want to finish your project quickly, we recommend choosing a filter that you can easily apply to your video.

Predetermined filters take care of all of your color correction needs for you, so you can focus on making your video amazing instead of worrying about it.

  1. Make your Frame Size Variable

Dynamic experiences are the key to creating an engaging video. You must develop something that keeps your viewers’ eyes riveted to the screen if you want to create a dynamic experience for them.

Altering your frame size, as we stated before, is another method to keep visitors interested. Zooming in and out, following front-camera views, or utilizing jump cuts are two methods of doing this. That’s all there is to it.

  1. Eliminate Dead-air from Your Videos

While filming, the “Dead Air” is the pause between when you take a breath and when the video ends. It may not seem like a significant amount of time or effort, but when it comes to making high-quality YouTube videos, every second counts.

Your videos will have less impact and velocity if they include blank space. You may reclaim them both by chopping out the additional seconds of each video when you exhale.

What is the best way to get rid of “dead air?” Make use of quick cuts. They’re all around us, frequently going unnoticed, yet they pack a powerful punch.

A jump cut separates two photos that are shown one after the other. By limiting the quantity of “dead air,” you create a feeling of continuity while keeping your camera position constant.


There’s a lot to learn here that you can put to use in your video edits. You’ll have to put in some effort and watch some YouTube lessons before you’re ready to produce some stunning films, though. But once you get the hang of it, your video projects will turn out more appealing and draw in increased engagement from your viewers.

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