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We know how much important SEO is for our business and its fate. Without it, our business might not be able to perform better online. We should therefore take a lot of care with this aspect of marketing and realize our goals with ease.

avoid SEO mistakes in 2016

However, SEO is dynamic in nature and we don’t have control over a majority of its elements. We know search engine algorithms continue to evolve with a rapid rate with more than 500 updates launched by Google almost every year.  

Quite clearly, ranking sites in search results is not as simple and easy task as it may appear to some. Site owners need to follow best SEO practices to realize their ranking goals and boost the visibility of their business.  

However, a lot of websites are found to make mistakes with their SEO and thus, they fail to get the kind of ranking their efforts merit. The trick is to understand the algorithms and search dynamics better and then follow them diligently to get great results.

Common SEO mistakes and tips to avoid them 

So, you have to cut down on those SEO mistakes you have been doing for long. So, let know those mistakes and tips to avoid them –         

Mistake #1 –    Poor Keyword Selection  

Poor keyword selection is one of most common mistakes sites do with SEO. Without selecting right keywords, neither your pages nor website can perform well in search results. This is something even novices in the domain know. 


It involves a lot of work in searching of right keywords for your pages and website. First, you need to get a powerful keyword explorer tool and then do keyword research. Then, get keyword ideas with analysis of competition and evaluation of opportunity metrics. You will also need to evaluate the potential keyword value to get the best match for your site and pages.   

Mistake #2 – Poor Internal Linking

Poor internal linking is a major SEO mistake that most websites do regularly. Your website’s internal link architecture is important in taking visitors and search engine spiders to pages. It’s this structure that distributes SEO value equally among site pages.  


You should go through and follow Google’s guide on link architecture. Secondly, the link architecture should be configured using only the top-down method. So, the linking should start from home page, then reach to category pages, then to subcategories pages in a gradual manner together with having descriptive anchor texts  

Mistake #3 – Not adding and updating the content

Many sites do this mistake of not having sufficient content. Some even don’t give care to updating the existing content. This means your site won’t be able to add value to users and this is something Google takes a serious view of.   


First of all, start adding more content to your site. Do blogging on a regular basis. Add more images and videos and infographics to the content as these things keep users engaged. Not to forget, keep updating the content on the site by replacing the older ones with newer ones. 

Mistake #4 – Slow Loading Speed

Sites that load faster get better search rankings than those that load slowly. So, with loading speed being a ranking factor, you should not ignore this aspect of the SEO and try to get it corrected at the earliest. Be it for mobile or desktop users, the site has to low within 2-3 minutes to help you get ranking benefits.


First, you should run the site through a page speed tool to know the speed. Secondly, you should trim heavy videos, flash content and all other things that make the site load slowly. You must hire a developer to get the coding right so that the site starts loading in the way users always desire.  

Mistake #5 – Lack of Mobile-Friendliness

Not having a mobile-friendly site is one of common SEO mistakes faced by businesses across industry verticals. With searches from mobile already overtaking desktops, and with Google including mobile-friendliness as ranking factor, this mistake is something no website can afford in today’s time for sure. In order to rank better, your site has to be mobile-ready or has responsive design.  


First of all, you should use the test tool of Google to check whether the site is mobile-ready or not. Then next, you have to find a developer to get you either a responsive site or implement features that make the site mobile-ready. There is nothing else beyond that and you must do this to help your site rank better in search engines.

In overall, you should understand that making SEO mistakes may kill business prospects on the internet. So, you should use well-guided tips to counter challenges and risks faced in the wake of making mistakes for your SEO work. 

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