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Keywords phrases that are more specific and preferred by searchers (when they’re sure of   they want) are referred to as the ‘long tail keywords’. Despite having low search volume, these keyword phrases convert really well. Once you know how to use long tail keywords, these can be really valuable.

Long Tail Keywords for SEO – The Importance

Since long tail keywords are very specific and super-targeted, these keywords hold great importance for your business success. Smart implementation of a long tail keyword strategy will help you attract less traffic. The numbers may be less, but the return on investment is comparably much higher. Here, it is possible to attract exactly the kind of audience you’re looking for. The best part is that the audience will be far closer to point-of-purchase as compared to those who are attracted by short search terms.

Long Tail Keywords for SEO

Here are some of the reasons long tail keywords are important for your SEO and business:

Conversion – Long tail keywords convert really well. Targeting specific search terms will help you know precisely the kind of searches required. This will easily convert them into buyers.

Low Competition – These keywords are low competition. Many website owners make efforts towards getting high rankings for broader search terms. However, they do not think about the amount of traffic, low-volume and less popular terms can pull in.

PPC – These keywords are very valuable for PPC as they convert very well and cost less owing less competition.

It is possible to build specific optimized pages to be able to turn searches into customers. The process is useful, but takes a little time to work.

The key to find long tail keywords via using free tools:

Long tail keywords are usually very low competition. This is because most people do not think about them seriously. Using certain tools will help you to generate long tail keywords for free.

Google Autocomplete

Simply enter your search term in a search query field. Google Autocomplete will automatically fetch and demonstration the keywords related to the specific query.

Google Query Suggestions

Here, you need to enter a keyword and go to the section “Related searches” at the bottom of the search engine results page. These “related searches” are an amazing source of long tail keyword ideas.

Quora and Various Other Q&A sites

Quora and other Q&A sites are widely used by individuals to find answers for questions they want to seek answers for. Quora can be used to see the way your prospects can communicate their needs.

Go to Quora and enter your search term in a search field. Quora will display previously asked queries related to your search term.


This tool unites the suggestion services from various providers such as Bing, Google, Amazon, Yahoo,, Wikipedia, YouTube.

Answer the Public

This is an absolutely free tool recommended by most SEO Service Providers that scrapes auto suggestions of Google and Bing. It also draws a striking illustration of long tail keywords. Answer the Public facilitates creation of useful, amusing, and inspiring content.

Simply enter your keywords and choose a country. This will help you get a list of queries your audience needs to be answered. The best part is the list will be exquisitely pictured.

Google Search Console

This is one of the best tools for defining your keyword strategy. Simply go to Search Console and reach Search Traffic and Search Analytics. Now check the boxes for Clicks and Impressions. Select “Queries” and scroll down to see a list of the actual keyword phrases most people are typing into Google to be able to reach your website.

Instead you can go to the WebCEO Keyword Research tool. Here, see Keywords from Google Search Console. Now you need to look further down the list to see long tail keyword prospects, particularly the ones having a lot of impressions.

Using Long Tail Keywords on Website

Have a close look at the list of long tail keywords you collected using the tools listed above. Now make sure the content you develop answers those in the form of queries. It is important that the content used is very helpful to searchers.

Creating a piece of content for each search phrase is not possible unless you have a dedicated team of skilled writers. You need to target long tail keywords via including multiple phrases in your keyword bucket all through the page:

Vary Headlines and Title Tag

Try using varied search terms in both page Title and headings. This avoids pages getting over-optimized for primary keyword.

Long Tail Variations in your Content

It is possible to be aware of keywords you wish to integrate in your content as you craft content via researching keyword’s variations. This will also help you to place modifiers strategically throughout content of page. These phrases create more natural content.

Concentrate on All On-page Elements

It is important that you place all of your long tail keywords in headlines of various pages, alt attributes, title attributes, etc.

Vary Internal Links

This helps you to avoid being “over-optimized”. Sticking mainly to variations comprising of append modifiers and head keyword as compared to synonyms means you’re steadily transferring your core term’s relevance.

Using all possible tactics is the best way to attract more traffic to your website. This will help you outrank your competitors.

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