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Everyone wants their website to be the most sought after piece on the Internet, but 90% of them miss the fundamental essence of a great site.  Certain factors can make your website stand out from the crowd. The basic human behavior plays a vital role. 

For example – On a weekend you visited a shopping complex to get yourself some drinks and snacks. 

You are confident about what you need to buy but something grabs your attention because of its excellent packaging. Now your subconscious mind will tell you to try it as it looks good. 

You will end up buying a few packs for the same to experiment with. Well, that is the first factor we will be discussing. 

 1 – DESIGN – Design is the primary factor that decides a user to stay on your website or move out. Before going to the content, a user will scroll your site to see the design and UI. Make sure you create a simple but engaging design. Sometimes people overdo it and end up making it up to a gaudy website which will increase the bounce rate.

The second factor that can make your site go viral is your content.

2 – CONTENT – It is as simple as counting till five! People are coming to satisfy a particular need. If you can deliver that, your content will be appreciated and shared. Don,t quote the obvious for the user.

They do not want to waste time. Did you know? Does an average user consume content from more than 20 sites in a day? So, how can you make them your site to bookmark for the future. One hack for great content is, always follow the AIDA( Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action), Model. AIDA model is a well-

tested principle for Advertising but it implies in every piece of content. 

The factor which I am going to talk about is missed by 98% of the people because they never thought how important can it be.

3 – HOSTING – Many of us work on CMS(Content Management System) like WordPress, which has given the non-techies an opportunity to design sophisticated design without coding.

But, you need web hosting to make your website go live on the net. Most of us do not take it as an important factor and go for the most affordable one. It’s like going to war and wearing a paper made armor.

Always read hosting reviews and ensure that you have the perfect hosting plan. I like to go with WP Engine as they are a premium hosting that takes care of your Security threats, Upscale time is impressive and well they give their premium services at a very affordable price with their WP Engine  Coupon.

Make sure you have nailed these three factors before going live. Now, even the mother of dragons can not stop you to rule the empire of the Internet. Please share your feedback and questions in the comment section. 

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