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ultimate guide on Free SEO Audit Report

What free SEO audit report is?

Free SEO report is different for different providers, it is an SEO analysis that you will do regularly to improve your organic search results. It will help you in showcasing how SEO is working on your website, whether your targeted keywords are working or not so that you can decide any actionable techniques to implement on your website to enhance its ranking on Google search engine result page. There are free SEO audit tools are available that will do SEO analysis for free.

What does free SEO audit tool measures?

There are many SEO audit tools are available that can generate the key information regarding your website to make it look better after doing SEO analysis. Some of the main components that these tools measure are:

  • Quality of the content

These days, it has become very common to use the copied content. Higher or lesser, websites are copying the contents of each other which affect their website ranking negatively. Even if you are not doing this and using original content then overlapping of content on several web pages can be a subject of concern. You know that Google penalties those websites that are using duplicate contents. However, the penalty is not as severe as people say but defiantly it will decrease the ranking of your website which no one wants. There are many SEO agencies in India who does content analysis on a priority basis when it comes on SEO audit report to enhance the Google ranking of the website.

  • SEO friendly test

It checks whether a website and its structure are SEO friendly or not. SEO is much more about just posting content regularly and you know that. There are also many other factors that are a part of SEO that can enhance the ranking of the website. Free SEO audit tool considers a few of these factors while analyzing SEO. Like sometimes Google gives you a warning that the website is not secure, it means the website has not installed an SSL certificate and it will reduce their traffic. This analysis will help you such factors and what you need to change or update in your website to enhance the ranking and the traffic of a website.

  • HTML tags

It checks for the optimization of the HTML tags. If these not used properly then the page loading speed can be higher enhancing your website’s bouncing rate. SEO audit check for the optimization of the HTML tags to get enhanced ranking.

  • Google page speed or loading time of website

Page loading speed affects Google ranking. How quickly your page loads is one of the most important factors that include in the SEO bunch of tricks. Pages that rank higher have greater structure and greater loading speed offering great user experience to visitors of your website. If the usability index of a web page is higher then it is more likely to have greater ranking on the Google result engine page.

  • And URL length and other optimization

The length of the URL, the content optimization, and the media used on the website are also the main factors that decide the ranking of a website. Free SEO audit tool will measure all such things and will give you key information that what you need to change in your website to get greater ranking.

Basically, these tools will tell you how SEO is working on your website and what are the areas? Where you need to work to enhance the organic results of your website?


At the end of the result, SEO Agencies in India will let you know that what you need to change in your website and will give you a full document containing information about the working of the SEO at your website so that you can make strategies to rank higher. The analysis will let you know the things such as missing heading tags, duplicate meta title, about meta description, SSL certificate and so on. This information will make you know that you should change that particular thing of your website to make it rank higher. As a result, you will get all the information on your website, about the things that are working good and that you need to change.

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