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System Performance Hacks And Techniques

Technology and gadgets are somewhat like humans it is bound to get older and after a while they can even go completely out of trend and simply vanish from the market. Technology is so much demanding; it needs care of and needs to be updated from time to time. Every week and almost every month you see gadgets coming with various features and every gadget competes with the another to give you the better facilities.

Even the highest priced gadget needs regular updating to keep them performing better. Most of the gadgets at times start giving poor performance because they are not checked an updated time to time. To keep your computer/laptop updated and make them perform smoothly you must take the following steps.

System Performance Hacks And Techniques

Have you tried the performance troubleshooter!

You can find it automatically and fix the various problems. The performance troubleshooter can check the various issues that will help to slow down the performance of your computer.

Make a few settings by going to performance:

  • Click on the start button
  • Now go to performance troubleshooter
  • Then click on the Control Panel
  • Go to search box
  • Type troubleshooter
  • Click on troubleshooting
  • Now, go to the icon under System and security
  • Check the performance issues now

Delete all the programs that you have never used before

Many computers and laptops come along with some software’s that were not wanted and do not even fall under the list of important and required software’s. These software’s generally include minute edited versions of programs and software’s. If there are certain software’s that you do not need and then you must delete them as it might slow your down by using your precious memory, processing power and disk space.

All the programs that you do not plan to use must be immediately uninstalled. The unnecessary set of software’s include the manually installed software’s or the software that come along with the system.

There are various utility programs that run in the background which can block and reduce the performance of various other programs. Some of the utility programs are:

  • Disk Cleaners
  • Backup Tools
  • Virus Scanners etc. run at the back of a website where you cannot even notice them.

In case if you have an older PC then there are chances that it might have some programs installed by the manufacturer that might have never come to your notice or programs that you might have forgotten about. It is though never too late to declutter these things and wasted system resources.

Uninstall it and watch your system run faster.

Defragment your hard disk

When you hard disk is fragmented it will make your computer do some extra work and that can really slow down your computer. By defragmenting a disk, you are re-allowing it to rearrange the fragmented data so that it can make your hard disk work efficiently and easily. You can defragment a disk manually or you can schedule it.

Clean up your hard disk

There many things that cling to your hard disk and consume a lot of disk space and can slow down your computer. Conducting a disk cleanup can help remove a lot of files from the recycle bin and that will help remove a lot of system files.

Run fewer programs at the same time

Sometimes you must change your computing behavior can leave a big impact on the performance of your computer. Many people perform various tasks at a given point of time and that is what might be becoming the reason for bogging down the performance of your system.

Did you know? Running too many anti-virus programs may be also another reason for the slowing down of your system. You must never keep more than a single anti-virus in your computer, or it might slow down your computer and at times hang the system too. So, keep an authentic anti-virus system in your computer.

Turn off the visual effects

In case if your windows are running slowly you can increase its speed by disabling the visual effects. We all want performance as well as a good experience. But you would not want to compromise with the performance of the computer just for the sake of the nice visuals. You can manually select and turn off the visual effects.

To adjust the visual effects for best performance you must do the following:

  • Click on the start button
  • Open the performance information and tools
  • Click control Panel
  • In the search type box, type performance information and tools
  • Then click on the list of results and select performance information and results
  • Click on adjust visual effects
  • Adjust for the best performance
  • Click on OK

Restart Regularly

Restart your PC atleast once in a week. If you restart a PC many times a week it is a good way to clear the memory and it will ensure that the processes running at the backend are closed. The more tasks you are running the slower your system will perform.

Add more memory

To make your system run smoother you must add more RAM to it. Another option to boost the PC memory is by increasing the storage space which will eventually help to speed up the computer.

If you need a high-performing system for business/work or for doing your daily work, then you need to keep your system updated and check for all the short comings time to time.

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