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When have you last updated your status on Facebook or WhatsApp? Or when was it the last the time you tweeted? Probably it must be few minutes or an hour ago. Our status over the social media websites is more often changed than any other situation in our life. The Internet age is hypnotizing us. And one the voodoo of this network of networks is the social networking websites. It is highly important to be active on social media whether you are in real lives or not.

Social Media Share

That really does not matter!

What another aspect of the internet is the blogs. Information, ideas, beliefs all transfer from blogs to masses rather than newspapers or magazines. The popularity of these blogs depends upon the Facebook shares, tweets, and number of pins. There are different plug-ins for your blog and they serve different purposes. Some may help you add social media buttons; others protect your website from getting hacked. So here are some tips that would help you find the best plug-ins to your blog –

  • It should support a maximum number of social networks along with e-mail sharing.
  •  A good plug-in holds out a diverse set of display types like floating sidebars, automatic pop-ups. You can show automatic fly-ins with custom trigger settings. These encourage social shares.
  • Plug-in is better if they are good at providing social analytics.
  • Images make blogs look more interactive and interesting. Find a plugin that supports custom images and various image sets.
  • Look for top rated plug-ins. You would probably find names like Monarch, Social Warfare, Easy Social Share, Ultimate Social Deux etc.

Increase audience for your blog and keep blogging!

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