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Companies work hard for their customer acquisition. Services companies provide and sell must also have after-sales support, no matter what kind of service or product is being offered. No company wants to admit they have bad customer service either, and most companies would just choose to believe that they’re really good and that the customers don’t have any complaints about it. 

5 Signs Telling You To Improve Your Customer Service

But how can companies tell if their customer service isn’t very good? Or just plain sucks? Customer service is a way for companies to retain customers because when a customer is happy, they’ll surely be coming back with friends who will likely be new customers, too. 

To be able to know if you need to improve on your customer service, watch out for these signs. 

You don’t think that customer service is a kind of marketing tool. When a company offers good customer service and makes the customer think and feel that the company cares about them the way they care about the products being sold to them, the customer feels happy.

When a customer feels happy and satisfied, they will recommend the product to their friends and reassure them that they’ll be getting an insanely good product and an insanely good customer service.

Few complaints don’t mean a great product or service. Customers usually don’t have enough time to tell companies that they’ve messed up. Some don’t actually care, but if there are some who care enough to tell you, the company, that you need to improve whatever service or product you have including your customer service, chances are they’re just a very small percentage of your customer base. One thing you can do to get feedback, good or bad, are surveys, and maybe even incentives. 

Getting customers isn’t the same as customer loyalty. Acquiring new customers is even more expensive than retaining them. Loyal customers are there for your as long as your products are satisfactory, but it’s going to cost you a lot of money to advertise and market your brand to convince potential customers that your stuff isn’t bad. It’s known that the majority of customers leave a brand because of bad customer service. 

Speed isn’t everything. Most people want speed when it comes to service. Fast food, fast driving, fast feedback, but this doesn’t apply to customer service.

Customers care more about the service being actually helpful and competent than how fast it’s given to them. It’s better that customer service personnel not rush the customers and make customers feel that their time and their business is valued. 

Train your staff. Like in the previous point, customers want helpful and competent service. Don’t let your untrained staff talk to customers. Customer service personnel should have enough or all of the things needed to know about the product or service the company is providing.

If a customer ends up talking to someone who knows nothing about the problem they’ve encountered, there’s a big chance that the customer will leave and recognize another brand. 

Bad customer service is one of the reasons why customers choose to leave a brand, whether it’s big or small. So take a look at your customer service, analyze what’s going on, and if it’s broken, it’s time to fix it.  

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Justin is digital marketing specialist for SEO

Justin is digital marketing specialist for SEO in the Philippines. His main business focus is providing customer acquisition services for his friends and clients. He loves staring at large amounts of data while trying to figure out what to do with it. He attempts to write and blog during his free time while watching anime and TV series. Usually goes out just to play Pokemon Go. The internet is his playground while the world is his bedroom. He’s still trying to figure out what to do with data.

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