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We are living in a digital world and commerce heavily relies on digital marketing; heavy competition and professional marketing agencies combine to create a dynamic marketplace. If you run a small business and sales figures are not what they should be, here are some of the top-performing SEO strategies that Australian business owners are using in 2024.

  • Local SEO – Small service businesses target their local community; target geo-specific keywords and focus on local SEO rankings, rather than global. Search engine optimisation is a huge field and it is pointless targeting geographical areas that you do not cover. Location-specific SEO produces the desired results and with ongoing work, your brand becomes known; social media is a very powerful platform for branding and should be included in your campaign.
  • E-commerce SEO – A very different approach to localised SEO, shopping cart websites must be fully optimised for a global market; high-value keywords equal top performance, along with lead generation SEO services from Australia’s leading SEO agency; one that wins awards.
  • Enterprise SEO – A specialised approach for multi-national clients, with hi-speed data transfer across many websites; talk to any network engineer and they will tell you how hard it is to analyse global data. Hiring an agency with an impressive client list ensures top results and Google can help you find their platform. You can make data-driven decisions when you have a specialist SEO agency in your corner, plus you have different marketing goals in a global marketplace.
  • SEO lead generation – This strategy involves a targeted approach for e-commerce clients, optimising site content for a range of platforms. Capturing valuable website data with the aim of improving the client’s Google rankings brings many rewards, driving traffic to the client’s landing page. Click here to find out about WordPress hosting plans.
  • Link-building strategies – Google notices links of all kinds and there are numerous strategies to build links; outreach blogging, for example, involves writing on-topic blogs that are posted on popular blogging platforms; the blogs contain carefully placed links that direct the user to the client’s landing page. You could order 20-30 blogs per month, which add up over a period of months and these links remain online and active. Internal, external and incoming links are all essential for good SEO.
  • International SEO – Dealing with different languages and time zones requires a level of experience; accurate translation and a good understanding of keyword translation are essential. If you would like to learn more about international SEO, start with a Google search to locate a top-rated Australian SEO agency and let the professionals explain how they can help your business.

The SEO industry is thriving and the various disciplines are available from award-winning agencies that have a great reputation for success. Digital marketing has always been an important part of every organisation’s overall marketing plans, with search engine optimisation playing a major role for all types of businesses.

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