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The social media and the SEO are connected with many years.  Many of the social media marketers argue that whether they affect the page ranking or not. The social media strategy helps the website somehow, by bringing the audience to the page and is used as the important and essential part of the SEO strategy. And that is why it is compulsory to the social media marketers’ team to understand that the SEO and the social media marketing do not be separated and are handled at the same phase. Because it is really a good chance to do SEO marketing by using the social media. There are a lot of the ways used by the people for the SEO marketing and one of them is the social media campaigns that are the strong reason that will affect the SEO. The way you can do SEO by using the social media is as follow:

The one of the way that is used to rank the website is to earn the inbound links by email marketing, outreach marketing and broken link building. But among all the best is to stumbling across your blogs on the social media and share them on the own sites. You are free to start inbound links from the social media by “@” means mentioning and sharing the post among the people in the social media site at the optimal times and by creating the shareable Content.

Some people use the social media for the researches now a days and it is a list base on the search engines. When people are finding your company they ideally find your page properly. The SERP duty is to optimize the social profile of yours. The filling of the SERP is important and you can do it by making the pages on different social media site like twitter and Facebook. Create a strong and an attractive profile that is active. And do not forget to make the link of the social profile with the website.

The social media posts are indexed on the search engines which are also a mashup of the SEO and the social media. Twitter and the search engines argued a lot but one of the fine features which are available in the twitter is highlighting the tweets.

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