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Up until now, the most commonly used feature on Google Webmasters tool was the Search Queries report. However, according to Google they had been receiving continuous feedback from people who wanted to get an option where they could compare traffic on desktop and mobile. Not just that, there were many who wanted Google to incorporate the option compare metrics in different countries and similar other features.

Search Queries report

If you were part of the list of people who wanted Google to do all these changes, then the good news is here.

On 6th of May, 2015 Google announced the launch of its new search analytics report. While the predictions had been made long ago, but the official launch took place on the 6th of May. The best part is that Google has said that within a time period of three months the Search Analytics Report is going to replace the Search Queries report from the webmaster tools. The search analytic reports brings along a number of added benefits, besides the usual things that you could do with the Search Queries Report.


This is how the new Search Queries Report looks like. You can notice that there are filters available now within the report, so that you can manage the results as per your requirement.

It’s been quite some time now since Google had launched the search queries report in its alpha testing stage, dating way back in the month of January when they opened it to the webmasters. Similar roll out was also carried out in the mid of April as well.

According the official announcement made by Google, “the new Search Analytics report enables you to break down your site’s search data and filter it in many different ways in order to analyze it more precisely. There are some differences between Search Analytics and Search Queries.”

Further adding to the announcement, the correspondent said,” The data is more accurate and calculated differently. Google has set up a help document to explain the difference.”

Well, all that being said, Google explained on its official blog that while there are certain similarities between the analytics reports and search queries, but the two are entirely different from each other.

For instance, the analytics report is much more accurate as compared to the previous counterpart. At the same time, different strategies are used to calculate the two.

The new update is being looked upon as Google next ploy to step into the gen next of digital marketing. Let’s see how much beneficial it proves to be for the webmasters and what they are able to achieve with it. In the meantime, you can continue to take benefit of this update and see what it brings along for the website.

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