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Savvy Tips for your new blog

Do you want your new blog to stand out from the crowd? If that’s your case, I bet you’ll be muttering these words by now; “thank goodness I’m here!”

Blogging is so popular, and everyone is already doing it. If you compare its popularity, 5-10 years ago with today, you will find is so common that eight out of ten people will only read the headline of your article and probably the remaining two will click through and read your content. 

This is why today; I’m going to leave you here with (5) five savvy tips to make the most out of your new blog so that visitors to your blog post will always want to read trough.

  • Master And Follow The Basics 

Except you have the exact title for your blog, don’t write your blog post. It doesn’t matter how remarkable and amazing your blog post is, if you don’t have a good title/headline, no one is going to read the rest of your article. For example, start and use good title headings that begin with; “how-to”, “Where to”, “5 things”, and etcetera. A good title must contain at least four out of the following: a number, an adjective, your major keyword, a rationale, and a promise.

In your introduction, you need to draw people’s curiosity with a bold statement, by doing these; they would want to continue in reading the rest of your article. In addition, your introduction should be a quick overview of what your whole content is narrating. 

Make sure the body of your blog post includes sub-headings at all cost- this will make your article easy to skim through. Keep your paragraphs within 6 -7 lines maximum, because if you have more than seven lines, it may appear overwhelming and people may not want to go through it.

Furthermore, make sure wrap-up your post with a conclusion in order to summarize the whole of your article. Endeavor to end your conclusion with a question, for example, if you own an eCommerce store and use woocommerce custom price for your site, you can simply say, “leave a comment on how you rate the discounts on our products” – that way, people will be more likely to leave a comment because comments create engagements, which can lead to sales as well. 

  • Link To Other People’s Site.

Linking to other people’s site gives you good credibility. Do not attempt to link to your site alone, because when you link and cite other people, it makes you and your business looks more professional and creates standing trustworthiness from the reader.

Another thing is that; linking to other people’s site flatters them, people love getting backlinks because it drives them more traffic, but be careful to do it in a positive way in order not to give-away your blog post.

  • Write Your Blog In A Communicative Approach

When writing your article, use the words “you” and “I”. if you include these two words, people are going to feel it’s a conversation, and if you don’t regard your blog post as a conversation, they’re going to think of it as a lecture, and they’re probably going to leave. If you’re more conservative, visitors to your blog will be more encouraged to read, engage, respond and even leave a comment at the end of your article. 

  • Make Use Of Descriptive / Clear Photos.

As people commonly say, a picture says a thousand words. Make use of pictures and graphics to explain the message you’re trying to convey and people will be more likely to read and stick around. An image in your content creates an emotional response from the reader and makes them feel your content is genuine. Just like I said earlier, for example, if you own aWordpress site offering discounts on products, you’ll need to install a Woccomerce discount plug-in and themes to be able to truly convince customers that you actually do offer discounts.  

  • Make Sure Your Blog Post Is Thorough And Actionable.

Draft out your article to make readers want to take actionable steps. If you do these, it will create an interest for people to continue to read your article from start to finish. 

An actionable blog post is informative, entertaining, significant and unique. Also, an actionable blog post ensures readers to always leave a like or comment after trying out what’s being illustrated in your blog.


Hope you found these tips useful.  If you have a blog post that’s not ranking and you need some advice, feel free to leave a comment with regards to what problem you’re facing, and I will always be happy to give you the SEO tips you need.

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