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The time has evolved and various new gadgets and devices like mobile phones, tablets, laptabs are making our life more convenient. You can access internet from anywhere using these devices and everyone swear by their portability. This provides the flexibility to complete your tasks from anywhere.

Responsive Web Design Benefits

However with this, comes the responsibility of adjusting the mobile web designs. When smartphones and mobile devices started gaining popularity, various websites had started using two separate website portals for their services i.e one for desktop devices  and other for mobile devices. This strategy was partially useful but still lacked in efficiency.  The page sizes were still big and took lot of time to load properly.  Also, the format was not responsive enough to merge with different mobile devices.

This led to a new invention in the website designing called responsive web designs. The major upside of it was the viewing comfort and compatibility with various devices. A responsive web design adjusts the website to respond instantly on various devices by setting appropriate font size, borders, image sizes, etc automatically.

Apart from the user comfort, responsive designs are now used by most of the businesses due to various other reasons as listed below.


1. Saving Cost and Time

It is cost efficient to produce a single website instead of multiple websites for various device types. This keeps things symmetrical and saves designer’s time and energy so that he or she can focus on a single area at a time.  Any input from the users or website author remains on the same website channel.

2. Search Engine Guidelines

Search engines focus on the user friendliness all the time and in the recent years, the search engines have emphasized on using the responsive web designs. This clearly indicates that responsive web designs are globally accepted new age technology and are found versatile without compromising the current features in any web design.

3. Search Engine Optimized

Optimizing two or three websites based on the same platform will bring out different results and traffic may not get properly channelized to just one. The responsive design keep everything on the same website and therefore, traffic from all the ends are focused towards your website.

4. Easy To Browse

Your users would find a great browsing experience with responsive web design. The design reacts so well that everything works perfectly and even appear better. The fonts, spacing, line gaps, banner and image sizes, widget placements are not enlarged or compressed but remain usable and does not force users to scroll right and left.

5. Fast Loading

What can be great than the fact that responsive designs are light and accelerates the loading time. The faster the page loads,  the effective your experience is. This also contributes to the decrease in bounce rates.

6. More Exposure

The mobile devices are generating way more traffic than ever before. A responsive web design is most suitable for the mobile device browsing and hence, if you optimize your website with responsive web design, the chances are you would receive more traffic to your website.

7. Easily Manageable

The  responsive web designs  are easily manageable in the back end as they are usually created simple. The integrated features are self explanatory and can be handled easily by the user. These designs can even be modified using the mobile platform on the go and therefore is actually useful for changing and updating things even when they are not connected with the desk devices.  The responsive designs are even available ready made and you can easily adjust and customize them on their own. For advanced adjustment, you would require the knowledge of css and other web development languages. 

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