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With the consistent growth in the world’s economy, all employers continue to struggle with finding potential, talented candidates to support their growth with the growing economy.

In today’s progressive market, in which the need for talented candidates is greater than the supply, how efficiently employers use the recruitment process decides the success or failure of their recruitment strategy.

In a recent survey, it is found that 70% of recruiters use some sort of ATS to simplify their recruitment process. When it comes to using an ATS, many recruiters and HR professionals are divided strongly. For some, ATS fails to catch potential applicants and for others, ATS is a must for its time-saving properties.

Let’s take a look at the aspects which decide recruitment is better with or without ATS

ATS saves time

Recruiters are required to take care of social sharing, manage email templates and delegate tasks themselves which takes a lot of time.

ATS takes off this burden recruiters face traditionally. With ATS, recruiters will never have to look at any unqualified resume. Social recruitment can be automated with ATS which saves hiring time by about 20 percent.

ATS saves money

ATS doesn’t seem to be a cheaper service for many recruiters. But on comparing to all the money recruiters have to pay to agencies and job ads, ATS turns out to be much cheaper.

Applicants are catching up

A common argument against ATS is that it evaluates resume depending on a diversity of keywords, hence, some great resumes may slip through cracks.

As 70 percent of estimated resumes are never noticed by recruiters, candidates themselves tweak their resumes in a way to get noticed by the tracking system. Therefore, this will not remain a problem in the coming future.

Conclusion- The recruitment process is made much more streamlined with Applicant tracking software. ATS overcomes manual processes, challenges and other human errors associated with the hiring process and connects the right candidates for the right jobs. ATS, like True Talent, modernizes the hiring process and help employers to stay ahead of the curve.

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