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Virtual administrative support can be an innovative concept for many, a scary concept for some, and a far-fetched concept for others. It may question “I can not afford an assistant,” or “hiring someone to work remotely would be very difficult.”  If you want to know more about the websites of the virtual assistant, you can follow VAGUYS111. The truth is that these assumptions could not be further from truth.

Virtual Assistant Websites

  1. Saving money

When cutting staff costs

When you hire an employee, there are several expenses that you must take into consideration in addition to the salary:

  • Employee health benefits – costs about € 1,000 to have an employee with health coverage for one year. Virtual assistants are not considered employees; therefore it has no obligation to provide the same benefits.
  • Absence of employee due to sickness, holidays and holidays – spends about € 2,400 per year to pay a full-time employee making € 25 / hour, 22 days holiday or sick leave (plus if the employee needs a replacement), of another € 2,000 if you are granting bridges next to legal holidays. That’s € 4,400 a year \. When hiring a service provider, you do not have to pay a single penny for the time you are not working.
  • Taxes on employees – When you hire a full time assistant for € 50,000 / year, you are also paying about € 4,000 in taxes for the employee. Virtual assistants pay all their own fees, needing only about 1,099 at the end of the year.

So let’s stop to think about it for a second. If you had to hire a full-time employee with the benefits and time off, you pay about a whopping amount of € 13,579 per year, plus your salary, money that could be spent on productive work hours. Rather you can follow free virtual assistant website, it would be great helpful for the small start-up business to withstand in the market.

When cutting business expenses

Contractors are required by law to use all their own equipment and supplies. This means you do not have to provide a computer, an office, software, office supplies … the list goes on. Think of all the money you are saving by paying only for work time!

When cutting at unnecessary hours

When hiring an employee, it is usually under a contractual arrangement to provide a certain amount of hours per week. When you hire a virtual assistant, you have the option to pay to work only the amount of hours needed.

  1. Convenience

Most Virtual Assistants are self-taught and require little or no particular guidance. Of course, they can not be mind readers and need some tips, especially if the contractor is very special and has a modus operand which should be taken into account, but most do not need training. Most are efficient in common software programs, such as Microsoft Office, for example, and if they are not going to learn (with their money, not yours). You could even go as far as to assume that you can do much more than your regular administrative assistant. Find the right Virtual Assistant, and you’ll be working with someone who can do not only administrative tasks, but also graphic design, media editing, and more. You will be hard pressed to find a local administrative assistant, accessible with all these skills!

  1. Quality

Your name is in your business and they want to make your customers happy. While there are many employees with incredible potential, you are risking hiring someone who is more concerned about a salary than the quality of your work. In addition, a virtual assistant who invests in your company is likely to stay in the long run! Instead of that, you can go with online virtual assistant websites. There are so many free virtual assistant websites in the online. Make use of it for your business.

The truth is that the world is moving forward with technology and virtual administrative assistance is becoming more and more common. If you’re not used to dealing with the new technologies and know just how to write an email and include an attachment, the virtual assistant can handle the rest. You can also refer to the list of virtual assistant companies for better growth of your business.

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