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Maintaining high levels of energy, enthusiasm and crowd participation at a concert, event or show can be quite the challenge for those who lack the right resources. LED wristbands and other radio controlled devices that can provide synced and event-specific audio and visual effects offers an existing new way to invite audiences to join the show. From creating a stunning light show to adding a new twist to a performer or speaker-led call and response, the latest trends in radio controlled tech offer plenty of ways to light up a venue.

Radio Controlled Tech Is Booming At Music Events

Increase Energy Levels and Invite Audience Participation

Creating and maintaining the right mood or atmosphere is essential for ensuring a more enjoyable and successful concert or stage presentation. While the biggest names and hottest bands often have no trouble packing a stadium or getting audience members on their feet, lesser known presenters may be faced with an uphill battle should they fail to strike the right tone with their audience. From trade shows to concert halls, wearable tech that utilizes programmable and flexible LED lighting can allow performers to alter the mood and ambiance of a venue with the simple flick of a switch.

Cost-effective Light Shows and Effects

While lighting and effects that may energize a crowd can make the difference between a mediocre concert and an unforgettable performance, the high cost of quality equipment and professional effects has proven to be a real obstacle for performers, entertainers and promoters who may be working with a smaller budget. Lanyards, glow balls, wristbands and even tabletops that offer versatile lighting options make it possible to create a wide range of unique lighting effects without breaking the bank. Wearable lighting that can be integrated into with social media through RFID ensures that promoters and entertainers will be able to make a more lasting and memorable impact at each concert or event.

LED Glow Balls, Lanyards and Wristbands

Having a wider range of wearable devices can ensure that all audience members will be able to make themselves part of the show. From basic options like simple RFID and programmable wristbands to more playful devices, such as glow balls and lanyards, lighting up a venue has never been easier. Concert promoters seeking a novel way to energize audiences and entice crowds may find that wearable radio controlled tech has much to offer. Programming devices to respond to a variety of factors offers a simple yet effective way to increase participation and invite audiences to get in on the action.

Making the Most of a Smaller Venue or Special Event

From business conferences to smaller concert halls and more intimate venues, wearable radio controlled tech and lighting provides many ways to create a more festive atmosphere. Crowd effects, controlled response zones and wearables configured to respond to a variety of different factors can be used to even more memorable effect in smaller more enclosed environments. A simple radio-controlled wristband is often all that is needed to provide audiences with a more immersive, interactive and memorable experience.

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