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Our life is connected to technology in one way or another, for everyone. When we talk about Internet of Things, we know that it is making news for all the good and bad reasons. But, how is it going to impact our life in the longer run? What are the goods? What are the bad ones? In this post, we are going to discuss about all that and lots more.

First of all, let us have a look at the good impact of Internet of Things on our life – 

The Good ones

  1. Seamless communications 

one of the many good things about IoT is that it makes communication easy. Communication is needed not just in our professional life, but in personal life as well.

The term used here is Machine to machine communication (M2M). Transparency, lesser inefficiency, and greater quality – all this is going to be the result of IoT in the future.

We all have started to experience the impact of IoT in our everyday life, with smarter gadgets and tools. And, the impact it is going to have on our communication levels will be huge!

  1.  Better automation and control 

The Internet of Things is bringing a huge positive impact on the way we are moving towards automation. With physical objects getting connected and controlled at a digital scale, the level of automation and control in the working is going to be huge. And, that’s one of the biggest positive impacts the internets of Things is going to have on our life!

  1.  Time and money  

But, the best thing we all can expect to get from the rise of the Internet of things is the amount of time and money it saves for all of us.

By making equipment communicate with humans, the internet of things is saving not just a lot of energy, but time and money as well. It makes things more efficient, as we can communicate with them in real-time and save time and money!

The bad ones

Now coming to things about IoT which we need to worry about – just like there are good things, there are always bad things related to technology as well.  So, let us take a look at those things which we need to worry about –

  1.  No standardization 

So far, there has been no standardization of the access that we need to give to IoT. How much is too much? Is technology penetrating too much in our life? That’s the one big question that everyone is asking.

And, that’s the biggest reason why people are still complacent about trying out the Internet of Things at a massive level. Although, the positive response for this technology is huge, there are people who are against it as well.

  1. Complexity

The more complex the systems become, the more are the chances of their failure. That’s the biggest concern with IoT. Considering the fact that equipment is becoming more and more complex with every passing day, it also brings an increased risk of their failure as well. Therefore, you can never really confirm how much is too much with IoT.

  1. Vulnerable 

Another major thing that can give a nightmare to anyone is the fact that with a single hacker attack, everything can be gone in an instant.

All your personal information can be a goner in a moment! And, this is the reason that unless there are any guidelines or standards set for the security of IoT voices will be raised against it.

Yes, with smart homes, smart cities, and smarter devices life is going to be a lot easier. But, there are still a lot questions on its positives and negatives.   The good can very quickly turn on to become bad and even more quickly things can turn out ugly.

So, as long as there are no certain steps or measures taken to control the access or penetration that technology is going to have in our life, I’m not sure we can move towards the adoption of IoT in our life. Only time will tell whether we are able to achieve success with IoT as we want to! So, let us just wait and watch!

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