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In order to promote a website or brand on the Internet, you need to work with ten components:

PR-factor 1: Reviews and portals

Already more than 80% of potential buyers read reviews on the Internet before buying. Each of us, doing something good, counts on praise. In addition, when we make a purchase, we focus on other people’s opinions, which can be either positive or negative. If it is written something bad, or even worse, nothing at all about a company, then it’s a natural reaction that people will not choose it. They will look for a more popular object. Luckily, are enough of such on the Internet.

PR-factor 2: Blogs to promote the site and promote it in search engines. 

Blog posts are some kind of traps that are placed on the Internet and work on your site for years.However, there are several rules that must be adhered to:

The topic raised in the blog should answer a specific question and contain the keywords that your potential customers are typing in the hope of finding a relevant answer. Naturally, you need to link to relevant pages on your site in answers to interesting topics.

Many people rely only on traffic from search engines. We want to clarify that traffic from blogs and forums is often even higher than from search engines. Moreover, the audience of blogs and forums that comes on the recommendation is the most targeted.

PR-factor 3: Social networks are stronger than ever

Did you know that the social network on Facebook can compete with Google by the number of visitors? Did you know that search bar on this site is used more often than in Google? The benefits of social networks are just beginning! The mention of you in the news feed attracts subscribers, who are interested. Messages from social networks are well indexed and searched in Google search engine. Negative comments in social networks or their absence is perceived by users as an alarming signal of the company’s unreliability. However, if you be clever and add a simple advertisement, then a short message can be reposted and liked for years, which can bring your company instant popularity, orders, and savings on PR.

PR-factor 4: Promotion of the site in Google with the help of PR on the Internet

The three factors listed above are guided by the search engines, recommending a site in their search for your request. For search engines, the following factors are important:

·   a positive tone on portals

·   quality mentioning in blogs and forums

·   activity in social networks

To form a quality issue for any request, Google needs to be guided by external factors. Moreover, here lies the simple answer to the difficult question: if your business is a dummy, then there is nothing to PR, but if there is anything to tell or to exaggerate, then you have all the chances of getting a good and fast result. You just need to start talking!

PR-factor 5: Internet media

If you are popular, then you are mentioned in the online media. Any article about you posted on an authoritative news portal is easily accessible to the user within 5-7 years, and your potential buyer will be guided by the opinion expressed in it. You can not imagine a full-fledged PR campaign without interesting viral articles that raise interest in your brand.

PR-factor 6: Forums. “Islets” of discussions in the form of questions and answers

How to please not only the suspicious user, but also picky search engines, so that the recommendations of your brand could:

– be easily available,

– be available for a long time,

– cause trust?

Like any person, your customers want any recommendation to be made on time and to the place. In addition, if this is what the users want, that means that it is what we want!

PR-factor 7: HR-brand and effective employees

Any self-respecting specialist, before responding to your vacancy, will check it in the employers’ blacklists, the same will be done by the potential client if he wants to spend a large amount of money – because the loyalty of your employees directly affects the quality of the product or service. In addition, this is almost the first way to find out the most real insider information. You can not imagine a full-fledged marketing without the formation of HR-brand.

PR-factor 8: Content for attracting users from search engines and keeping them on the site

The content of your site, is the last closing factor of Internet marketing, which plays on several levels immediately. It confirms the positive impression received by the visitor of the site in different sources. It reveals your benefits from different sides and becomes a source of useful information not only for customers, but also for all stakeholders that work to strengthen the brand.The key expressions used in the text show the scope of your interest to search engines. The same expressions are embedded in the recommendations to increase your search visibility.

PR Factor 9: Working with Site Conversion and Usability

As you can see, bringing a loyal target visitor to the site is not so easy. Overcoming all the obstacles that your future client can meet on the Internet is a painstaking and responsible job. Numerous studies give us information on how to get the visitor to do the action you need (contact you). All the work that makes your offer profitable right now, important at this very second, is united under the common name of “usability and conversion”. As a result, the site’s conversion is 2 times higher.

PR-factor 10: Increase in conversion of incoming applications

So, we have shown you the effectiveness of your work, significantly increasing the attendance of the site in advance by loyal visitors – which means that the sales should proportionally increase. So it will be, if, of course, your prediction is fully in line with the fair expectations of the audience, and your employees really communicate well with customers and comply with all the rules and business processes that you have established.

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