PDF Sharing sites List for the gen next digital marketers

PDF Sharing sites List for the gen next digital marketers:

Just like every other technical field in the IT industry, search engine optimization has also seen immense change. Over the years, there has been complete transformation in the strategies. With bookmarking and submission not being the only thing that’s done as part of SEO. Of all the latest techniques developed, making use of the PDF sharing sites list for submitting PDF documents about the business has been one of the simplest, easiest and most convenient method for getting the ranking in search engines.

The best part about these PDF sharing sites is that they have huge traffic on them, and by submitting your documents on these site, you can guarantee direct visitors to your business website. Isn’t that something you always wanted?

So if you are a digital marketer and want to get the best results for SEO, then don’t just limit yourself to bookmarking, rather make use of these PDF or Document sharing sites list and see how you can instantly start to get the results.

After all, time is moving at such a rapid rate that in order to remain amongst the competition, you need to adopt the latest strategies. So, here’s the list. Start posting your PDF documents and make the mist of the opportunity.

S.No Websites PR
1) http://pdfsr.com/ 5
2) www.dropbox.com 8
3) www.slideshare.net 8
4) www.scribd.com 8
5) www.issuu.com 9
6) www.edocr.com 4
7) www.authorstream.com 6
8) www.4shared.com 6
9) www.docstoc.com 7
10) www.2shared.com 5
11) www.powershow.com 5
12) www.uploading.com 5
13) www.box.com 7
14) www.yudu.com 6
15) www.slideboom.com 5
16) www.docs.thinkfree.com 4
17) www.rapidshare.comhome 4
18) www.mediafire.com 6
19) www.zippyshare.com 5
20) www.smashwords.com 6
21) www.uploading.com 5
22) www.wattpad.com 6
23) www.lulu.com 7
24) www.free-ebooks.net 7
25) www.fliiby.com 4
26) www.e-library.net 5
27) www.smashwords.com 6
28) www.yudu.com 6
29) www.edocr.com 4
30) www.filesave.me 3
31) www.wallstreethacks.com 3
32) www.wikiupload.com 4
33) www.sharesend.com 3
34) www.zippyshare.com 5

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