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In the past on page SEO basically with keyword stuffing and off page SEO getting many links to your pages.

On page SEO are almost entirely within the publisher’s control. It is about what you can do to the web pages or blog with keywords to rank higher in search engines.

On page vs off page seo

Off page SEO are more of getting the quality links back to your website or blog and a way of getting visitors to your website. Google thinks that you may be sharing useful contents which bring quality links back to your website higher in search results.

Important components of on page SEO are content, internal linking, page titles, Meta description, Alt text for images, fast-loading pages, or page load speed. For content, make sure that it is write to read and not to rank. Google want all content to be worth reading, informative, unique and useful. On page SEO is to make sure that your site can be read by potential customers and search engine robots. It is about looking for the right keywords that are important to your site for the best results.

Off page SEO let search engine results page know how the world see your website. A good website will have links from other websites and will also have mentions on social media (Facebook likes, tweets, etc). Once the website rank higher in Google it will lead to more traffic, more links and more social media mentions. By writing good quality content you can get a link or 2 back to your website. However Google will penalize those who buy links in order to manipulate Page Rank. Offer to write blog post to those editors. Do not forget to include links back to your site. Do this regularly. When you have good content, a lot of sites would like to link to your website.

The challenge here is to improve on page SEO on your new website. Present informational rather than promotional contents which helps to get traffic to your website. Getting your website included in the major directories, publish your articles on directories. Off page SEO requires an ongoing effort. Guest blogging is a way of creating quality inbound links. On page SEO helps new website gain an online presence in the search engines, while off page SEO helps websites gain better ranking in the later stage. Your SEO efforts will help you bring better result and convert visits into buyers.

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