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The social media site Instagram is all about engagement. The best thing about Instagram is that it has restricted advertisements and limited access and is completely focused on the content used to engage users. The main attraction of the site is centered on likes, comments, and shares by which you generate followers. If you are not getting many likes on your pictures then you are not using Instagram to its full potential. There are many different reasons why you may not be earning the likes you need, here are few of them which you can avoid to gain popularity. 

 getting likes on Instagram

 Understand the difference between Good and Great

The greatest thing to do on Instagram is to upload images which tell a story. These types of images help you earn more and more likes. The difference between great and good picture is very clear. A random picture of a sunset near a shopping mall is a good picture which people would think before liking it but a picture of the sunset of a mesmerizing beach is great picture on which people would hit like instantly. Many people need to understand that posting picture of random food they eat are not that interesting but a picture of a well-presented meal is always great.

Overloading hashtags 

Instagram has word limit when creating text along with the picture. Every post has 2,200 characters which can be used as a caption. After 240 characters the caption is abbreviated by Instagram so this is a sign to use fewer hashtags in a picture. 80-100 character limit on the caption should be the target to engage and gain popularity. Every photo should rarely exceed more than 10 hashtags. There is an indirect proportion of hashtag and comment/likes. The more the hashtags the lesser the comment/likes. Use of popular and relevant hashtags will earn you the likes you always wanted.

Be Active 

Social media experts suggest that a minimum of 1-2 posts per day will engage your users. Every person who wants to gain maximum likes has to be active on Instagram. If the picture is not posted frequently the users are likely to unfollow the account. First, check correctly which time your followers are active so that you can reach out to maximum of them. Then maintain the consistency of posting so that the audience are engaged.

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