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The technical side, the social media side and the creative side. Entry level graphic designers today are expected to be full service. By that I mean a designer must be able to complete a project from idea generation to final publication or posting. A full working knowledge of the Adobe Creative Suite, InDesign, Photoshop Illustrator, plus Dreamweaver Flash and Acrobat is a must (and that’s just for 2D work.) The social media component cannot be ignored in today’s worlds best logo design employment, even if the up and comer is not looking for a job with a firm. Freelance and independent graphic designers especially need to promote themselves using the dozens of portfolio sites plus the basic social media: Facebook, Twitter and YouTube just to name a few. 

Become an expert

 All the tech and social networking media mean nothing if there isn’t a strong creative quotient. Learning how to get new ideas, which are nothing more than old ideas put together in new ways, is probably the most important and the most overlooked area of an up and coming designer’s education. Ideation or coming up with new ideas is not just blue skying, there is a real method to it. Many books have been written on the subject. Check out Google or any search engine for those books and articles.

That’s called research. When you are racking your brain for a new creative idea for your assignment, the best thing to do is to become an expert on the subject. That starts with research! Not only is it a whole new ballgame in terms of creating graphics digitally versus by hand, but you can’t even get a job as a graphic designer these days without using digital media. It’s like cave painting is to illustration on paper as yesterdays handmade graphics on paper is to digital graphics of today.

Sometimes you can get a foot in the door by interning and working for free part time. Now all of the application process is done digitally. A new-be in graphics today has to be very persistent and very diligent about monitoring the positions available on line. Knowing what’s going on in your particular graphics interest and learning who’s doing what graphically in your area that you could connect with. The last thing I might suggest if you want to become the next “worlds best logo designer” is LinkedIn. It seems like the two must haves for finding design work these days are an online portfolio website and have your profile on LinkedIn and network.

The owner of the agency, didn’t want a bug just a name for a logo, I didn’t agree. I couldn’t let the chance of putting an image of an apple on a computer pass me by. Assignments like that don’t come around very often. The initial meeting was just a casual chat with my creative director and getting filled in on the new client and what they were making. As you may have read, the bite was my way of making the symbol look more like an apple and not some other piece of fruit. 

When I found out that byte was a computer term that did it. The lore of the apple and the bite is way more interesting than reality. I talk more about the history of the Apple logo at

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