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Social media is the topmost sought after forms of advertising today. With its influence growing around the world more and more people are turning towards it for validation, for help, for advice and even for shopping. When you take all this into consideration, it has become one of the most powerful media to engage with users on.

Get Social Media Marketing Services

If you are taking all the work that goes into making the social media handles into something that is engaging and interactive, it need some professional help. With advertising facing a drastic shift in demographic from television and newspaper to digital advertising, it is important you are looking at your brand to have a command on the web in order for your products to have any recall value. 

Here are some reasons why you need to get Social Media Marketing Services done for your brand: 

  • New identity

New identity

You will be able to give your brand a whole new identity when you wish to. Many brands want to give their brand tone a shift in order to appeal to younger and a wider customer base and while that might have been difficult with the more traditional forms of media, it definitely helps in creating a brand persona online. With more and more users going online to check out your brand before getting into the purchase, this can definitely work in your favour. 

  • More platforms

More platforms

As compared to the traditional methods of marketing, there are a lot more ways to capture the user’s attention online. You can create plenty of content looking at the different style and medium that are available for you to use. From videos to static content, banners, gifs and a lot more, you can have diversity on your profile making it more engaging for the users. 

  • Topical


One thing about going for social media marketing in india is that the companies have gotten the whole topical thing down pat. Topical means posting photos and videos that are talking about a popular and current situation but by bringing a brand value to it. Amul is a great example for the same. Social media is a great place to put your topical posts in because it is real time and captures the essence of the hour perfectly. 

  • Money talk

Money talk

Another reason why many brands are looking to shift to social media marketing is that the money you pay for the same is a lot cheaper as compared to the advertising that you will do in traditional media. The price you pay for social media marketing is a fraction of what you might pay for 30 seconds screen time or a considerable amount of space in a newspaper. With a wider customer base to reach, this is becoming the norm in recent times. 

With so many reasons, the number of Social Media Marketing Companies in India are also on a drastic rise. YNG India is a leading digital marketing company offering unique solutions for your brand’s online media strategy. 

Author Bio – 

Ankit Roy is a columnist, digital marketing expert, blogger in reputed digital marketing agency, YNG Media , which provides Social Media Marketing Services as well as all type of digital marketing and web development  services.  Ankit specializes in digital marketing strategies, technical and international creative SEO, web analytics, and business development strategy. You can engage with him on TwitterFacebook – and LinkedIn

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