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The young generation is sickle to smartphones in the modern age. The Internet is the primary factor which depriving youngsters to their smartphones. The World Health Organization stated that the use of mobile phones in the young generation might cause many health hazards. The smartphone emits frequencies, and too much use of mobile becomes the factor of health issues among a younger generation. Mobile phobia has been penetrated in our younger generation. So, ultimately it nods towards serious health hazards among teenagers. It emits frequencies that can seamlessly cause cancer and brain tumor in the human brain; The World Health Organization stated that. Teenagers promptly use their phones at night to do chatting and gossips. The risk of road accidents due to mobile phone usage, the percentage is at alarming stage among teens.

It can also cause some chronic diseases among adolescents, according to the European Journal of Oncology. Smartphones also affect red blood cells (RCBS) and spill hemoglobin and heart issues. Mostly men should be well aware of mobile frequencies; it can cause infertility problems among men, skin allergies, infections, stress disorder, hearing impairment and eye problems.

To do some research work, researchers has got some volunteers and order them to quit using mobile phones devices and don’t go through their emails, text messages, Twitter, Facebook till next 24 hours. Finally, they amazingly found that the volunteers had the symptoms like they have to attempt to quit smoking. Volunteers said they felt like they have to abandon some drug habit. Some of them stated that they are going on a diet. In short, they all are addicted to the use of mobile phone, and they felt difficulty to quit their habit. Researchers stated that the volunteers have Information Deprivation Disorder. “We have come to the point where we can say that the use of mobile phone can cause some psychological and physical issues” Dr. Roman Gerodimos stated that in lecture who conduct the UK section of the international study, according to the “The Daily Telegraph’.

After the completion of the experiment, University of Maryland’s International Center for Media and public Agenda, the volunteers has permission to keep diaries to note their feeling while doing the experiment. The subjects wrote in their diaries that they felt agitated, troubled and secluded.

How can parents monitor their teens while using mobile phones?

Parents feel insecure when they got to know that the dependence of cell phone can create serious health hazards among adolescents. So, every parent wants to protect their young children; they can check their smartphones. Parents can make some rules regarding the use of mobile phones. Most of the youngsters have the password on their devices, and their parents cannot be able to check their activities on their smartphones. There is no need to worry; they can get software from the market to monitor their child’s activities on their particular devices. Spy apps ensure you the safety of your child; any parent can watch their child while they were harassing or pressurize by someone.

There are an infinite number of mobile apps which can help the parents to monitor their kids 24/7, they can view browsing data, restrict them from inappropriate sites, they can check their mobile key loggers remotely.


Aline Carrara is a social media experimentalist and digital parenting expert. She loves to write about cyberbullying prevention tips and cell phone spy apps for kids. She is an active member of stop cyberbullying camping. To know more about her follow her Twitter @AlineCarrara7

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