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Taking users for granted: Avoid the mistake of taking your mobile app users for granted. Customer retention is important to every business and according to Gartner Group, “20% of your existing customers account for 80% of your future revenue.” Ecommerce development company using Magento development can improve the customer experience on your mobile app. They can help you engage your users, reward users and offer discounts.

Do not take your users for granted as customers are the backbone of successful businesses. It is advisable that you invest your effort, time and money in meeting the needs of your app users. Make sure your business mobile app users feel appreciated.

You should avoid posting insensitive or offensive ads on your mobile app as this can negatively affect your business and tarnish your reputation.

  • No security: It is important that your mobile app is secured during the development stage as an app that is not secured is harmful to your business, reputation, and customers. Mobile apps breaches are dangerous and you should allocate the resources needed to boost and improve the security of your mobile app. Magento development can help you secure your mobile app from hackers and people with malicious intent. Magento development will make the right adjustment to your mobile app.
  • No responsive design: Your mobile app must be unique, engaging and responsive. Your mobile app must be compatible with all devices if you want to increase sales, increase loyalty, enhance customer experience and improve your ranking on search engines. Your users should be able to access your mobile app wherever they are and whenever they want.
  • Setting unrealistic goals: While developing a mobile app for your business it is important that you avoid the mistake of having unrealistic expectations and setting unrealistic goals. It is important that you set a budget and prioritize quality over quantity. Magento development and SEO agency can help you with the preparation and market analysis of your mobile app. Magento development will help you better understand user persona and they will help you with the creation of compelling campaigns for the marketing of your business mobile app.

Other mistakes to avoid while developing a mobile app for your business are:

  1. Difficult to use: When developing a mobile app for your business; you should ensure that the app is not difficult to use. Your mobile app must be simple and easy to use. Your mobile app should not confuse your users. Everything should be understandable and your first time user should not really need instructions to use your mobile app. A responsive app is fluid, flexible, it will drive more traffic to your business and it will enhance your search engine optimization (SEO).
  2. Speed: Time is valuable and speed is an important feature in any mobile app as customers do not want to waste their time using a slow mobile app. If your app is slow; your customers will go to your competitors. Speed contributes to an engaging app.  Mobile apps that are fast and reliable engage customers and if your app is not fast it will be abandoned.
  3. No update: Your mobile app users will go for better options and flock to your competitors if you do not update your mobile app regularly. Updates to your mobile app show that you are dedicated to enhancing customer experience and the development of your app.

Avoid having outdated content on your business mobile app. Your content should be updated and exceptional if you want to grab attention. In the development of your business mobile app, you should avoid having grammatical errors in your content as this will affect your business. Magento development and SEO agency will help you measure the success of your mobile app.

  • No ease of contact: Having user feedback on your mobile app is important as it helps you build engagement. Your users should be able to easily access you, your app and frequently asked questions. Tools like Zendesk and HelpScout can enhance your engagement by making it easier for your customers to contact you.

You should ensure that the conversion process in your business mobile app is not complicated. You should avoid unnecessary steps and ask for too much information from your users.

  • App sharing: Make sure your app can be shared easily. An app that is difficult to share will affect your business and profitability.  Your mobile app should be share-friendly and it should have the ability to promote itself. It is important that you enable social sharing in your mobile app as this helps your content to gain traction.
  • Not involving users in the app development process: There may be problems when you do not involve real users in your app development process. Your users may see something you have missed and they would offer valuable feedback to the development of your mobile app. They will also help you rectify app glitches. Acting on user feedback is a good way to engage your users.
  • No unique selling proposition: It is important that your mobile app has a unique selling proposition (USP) as your marketing efforts will be affected if it does not. You should differentiate yourself from your competitors and show your users and prospects that your mobile app is beneficial to them.
  • The wrong target audience: Your business mobile app will fail and not meet your expectations if you do not promote the app to the right target audience. Magento development can help you target the right audience. They will also help you with data analytics that will show you how your users are engaging and converting in your mobile app.
  • Cluttered design: Avoid the mistake of having a cluttered design on your mobile app. Your app should not overwhelm your users with its design and offers. Use the right visual elements to communicate with your users. You should focus on clarity and make sure you use an attractive design while developing your business mobile app.
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