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Nowadays, many website owners are looking for a good and reliable web hosting infrastructure. To make it simply, there are many users who are looking for a cost-effective web hosting plan. Thus, shared hosting from MilesWeb is the best option. MilesWeb is the leading shared hosting provider offering a plethora of features with reliable add-ons.

When it comes to the cost-worthy cpanel web hosting plans, shared hosting plans are the best one to prefer. For any new website and blogging site, shared hosting from MilesWeb will bring the high-quality traffic on websites. Also, there will be no more security concerns on the site. Keep reading this post to know why MilesWeb’s shared hosting beneficial.

What Is Shared Hosting?

Multiple websites can be hosted on a shared server using shared hosting. The server’s resources are shared by all the websites hosted on it. Shared servers provide specific amounts of server resources and space to each website. Depending on the buy domain hosting plan selected, resources are allocated.

Shared hosting is available on Windows or Linux, depending on the needs of the website owner or blogger. Operating systems are chosen based on the website’s preferences.

Depending on the coding language and development platform used for developing the website, Linux or Windows shared hosting plans are available. A Windows-shared hosting plan is a good choice if you want to use ASP.NET.

Know, How Shared Hosting Works!

Multiple websites can be hosted on a hosting server. Websites, blogs, emails, and databases are under the control of each customer. In shared hosting, the costs and server resources are shared by the customers.

The concept of shared hosting is similar to renting an apartment with people – you have your room, but the resources (electricity, water, and common areas) are shared. Shared hosting is affordable because the cost and maintenance are distributed equally among all the members.

Advantages about MilesWeb’s shared hosting

1. Affordability

The cost of shared hosting is very affordable. You should consider shared web hosting if you want to be cautious before investing in a large web hosting plan for your website. MilesWeb offers shared hosting at the lowest price.

2. It is Flexible and Adaptive

If your online business grows, you can easily upgrade to a premium plan.

3. Simple to Self-manage

Shared hosting is easy to set up. Your website can usually be managed through a control panel provided by your service provider. A streamlined user interface manages administrative tasks and monitoring responsibilities associated with a server.

4. Multiple Domain Hosting Option

Your user directory can hold as many websites as you want if you have an unlimited shared hosting plan; just make sure the domains you purchase are linked to it.There might be different domains for a person’s website, like the domain for a hobby, or the domain for a business

5. Built-In cPanel / Plesk

The control panel for managing your website is built-in to the Linux shared hosting plan (cPanel) or Windows shared hosting plan (Plesk). Using these control panels, you can easily manage website settings, DNS settings, email settings, etc., since they are offered for free.

6. It’s Professionally Managed

Hosting on a shared server requires little maintenance. You won’t have to worry about basic server administration tasks because your host will handle them for you. If you don’t want to run your own server, web management is the best option. Expert support 24×7 for hardware upgrades, software updates, and network outages is available for your website hosting needs.

Some Questions You Have About Shared Hosting

Is the Shared Hosting right for you?

As mentioned earlier the shared hosting service is suitable for new website owners or users who have just started their websites. Shared hosting services are inexpensive in comparison to VPS (Virtual Private Server), cloud hosting or the dedicated hosting. It is because,  hosting account users are using a portion of server where its resources are shared and hence become an affordable plan. Shared hosting is extremely affordable, even for those with a small initial investment in their website.

How The Big Website Are You Hosting?

In shared hosting services, there is a limited storage space with several accounts. If you are hosting a small scale website, MilesWeb’s shared hosting plans give you space to host unlimited websites. Because of their unmetered bandwidth in shared hosting plans, site owners can expect a nominal traffic spike and no downtime of sites.

Can non-tech users also use shared hosting?

As a beginner, you will not have many tech expertise about the server management and handling its resources. Thus, MilesWeb offers 24×7 managed shared hosting services with the complete resource management. They offer live chat support, and phone call support too in multilingual languages. Thus, users with the non-technical background can easily connect with them and get issues resolved.

To Sum Up

Shared hosting services are an ideal option for small and medium – size enterprises. Even individual site owners can easily host their blogs or sites at ease. For beginners, it is a leading convenient web hosting solution who are looking to start their business site online. With MilesWeb, you get different perks on shared hosting services like 30 days’ money-back guarantee, tech support and, SSD NVMe storage with the 99.95% uptime.

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