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In case success had a face, it would have looked similar to Magento.

You might be thinking why have I am doing this comparison?

Of course there is a reason behind this.

This isn’t because I prefer Magento for ecommerce but the prime reason is due to its excellent features, commendable structure, friendly navigation and the workforce behind the premier ecommerce web hosting platform.

Big companies get tempted to think about why to select Magento eCommerce for sustaining their online businesses.

Why Ecommerce for Magento Websites?

Ecommerce or electronic commerce is always evolving phenomenon. There are a wide range of websites that use Magento platform. It comes just after WooCommerce when it comes to websites that use ecommerce platforms.

As per some of the experts and statistics, around 60% of online buyers use smartphones for placing their order. Therefore, you being an online store owner can’t ignore the power of Magento for ecommerce websites. These are only few statistics about using Magento for ecommerce websites to make you dribble about the Magento’s power.

Brands such as Nike, Samsung, Ford, Foxconnect, Olympus, Lenovo, Men’s Health, Nestle, Vizio, and millions of such medium to small commercial enterprises use Magento ecommerce CMS.

Today around 30% of online stores are powered by Magento and this is a significant stat. With this important market share, the CMS continues to lead among its competitors. 

The growing numbers of Magento ecommerce stores display the fact that you as an ecommerce store owner should experience the Magento’s power for your ecommerce store.

So, let’s take a look at the benefits of using Magento for your ecommerce store:

Open Source

One of the reasons for Magento being the top choice for developers is its open source nature. Magento is offered for free by the Magento Community Edition (CE). In case you have good knowledge about Magento, you can increase your Magento store’s performance as well as promote your ecommerce website with new features and functionalities with development and installation of Magento modules. 

Magento Community

The next reason is the Magento Community which comprises of dedicated developers, bloggers, programmers, project managers, product managers, CEOs, etc. globally that help and work with it. 

This community makes sure that all are on the same page. In case you as a developer are facing an issue with your Magento website, you can always contact the community to get guidelines and fixes for the issue. Additionally, it also offers updates for fulfilling the needs of end users.

High Performance

When it comes to time required for page loading, query processing and other static or dynamic operations, Magento ecommerce is the winner. You get optimum performance when using minimal server resources with Magento.

As per the user experiments, just a few hundred milliseconds of latency processing can completely eliminate the chances of ecommerce websites with potential customers. When Magento is combined with modern technology such as Memcached, Varnish, Redis, FPC, and optimized database options it can appropriately fulfil the needs of ecommerce businesses and their clients. 


Everyone loves to do multitasking and Magento is with you in this. You can perform multiple tasks at the same time with Magento. This helps you to work on other important tasks instantaneously when you monitor your Magento website’s performance. This saves your precious time in managing tasks differently.

Additionally, developers and merchants can manage all the billings, items, customer information with just one and user-friendly admin panel offered by the platform.

Mobile Experience

Today, people mostly use smartphones for browsing anything on the internet. For making the online business successful, you should focus on the efforts that help your mobile users. So, Magento is compatible with smartphones.

It supports HTML5 for increasing the shopping experience on mobile. Additionally, you get the ability to adjust the image size and also support video.

You can customize the website as you want to with the built-in drag and drop feature to improve your website’s mobile shopping experience.

There are more benefits offered by Magento but I have mentioned here some of the important ones. Let’s now check what the best web hosting provider of India offers with their best Magento hosting platform.

MilesWeb Introduction

MilesWeb was started in 2012 in India and since then has been fulfilling the needs of growing online businesses. They use the best technology that helps to grow your website speedily. Apart from Magento hosting you will find shared, dedicated, VPS, DigitalOcean and AWS cloud, WordPress hosting cloud, reseller and other application hosting.

Their customer support team offers round the clock support and is available 24/7 to help their client to run their websites smoothly. This is the reason their clients like their services and therefore give the best reviews as below:


Magento Hosting Plans Key Features

  • LiteSpeed Web Server + LiteMage Cache
  • Redis Backend & Session Cache
  • Optimized Server
  • Cloudflare CDN + Railgun
  • Free Magento Installation
  • Magento Consultancy

Summing It Up

Right from the community to superior support, from multitasking to flexibility, Magento comprises of prerequisites of an active, successful, and sustainable Magento ecommerce website. And yes, when it comes to selecting the hosting provider for Magento website, MilesWeb leads the competition due to its high-performance features which keep your ecommerce website up and running always.

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