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Managing a business can sometimes get you on a roller coaster ride. The growth of the business, advertisements, sales and customers all need special care. But what if I tell you that you can manage all at one place? You heard it right!! From engaging customers via sending them push notifications to manage their behavior via heat maps you get all at one place. Marketing Automation Software is the name. 

Before starting off, I would like to discuss the traditional way of marketing and give you a gentle reminder! How many of you remember Yellow Pages? The clichéd way of marketing where one used to put in their company’s name and phone number to stand up in business.

The pamphlets, flyers, advertisements in televisions and radios were the only few options to survive on. People used to go the extra mile to upscale their marketing. In earlier days marketing and sales were considered an arduous job wandering from place to place disregarding weather conditions but now it is more like sitting in a glass cabin with the air condition on, it’s not like the hardship is any less but has become more convenient and better over the years for big-scale business. Some of the small scale businesses are still restricted to traditional. But Market automation software have definitively outdone obsolete marketing.

But what exactly is Marketing Automation Software?


Marketing Automation is a platform where marketers perform campaigns, advertises, filter and analyze down the leads to grow their business. It is usually a Business to Customer or a Business to Business.

If you are new in the market it is quite easy to manage the relationship between business and its customers. But as the business grows from people of 10 to a mass, you need to hire a team of marketing, which can take care of every aspect of growing the business from sending e-mails and posting ads to bringing in the new customers. But with the marketing automation tools you don’t need to hire a big team to market your business.

“Market automation’s main goal is to increase companies’ conversions.”

There is various tools and tools provider available in the market, but how to decide which is best for you? You have to be lucky enough to get the desired results in the first go. All you have to do is explore and experiment on what goes best for you. Also, many companies provide free trails which can be a great help.

NotifyVisitors is an OmniChannel that provides marketing automation tools to the business which helps them manage their business and increase their optimization. You get a 15-day free-trial to get the insights of the business. 

Marketing Automation Software

How to target your audience?

Amazon launches a sale once or twice every year, named as “Big Billion Sale.”

They know how to target their audience right. They target their audience well by sending ads to a dedicated group of people. They send emails and regular notifications to keep people updated. All this is done by the marketing automation software.

To advertise and market your business well, you need to use various real-time internet-based tools, so that you know who the right user is. Once you know the needs of your user you start a campaign and send your customers e-mails and text messages. Let them know the deals on the products they wish for. Create beautiful banners and push notifications so they visit you at least once. 

The banners, emails and notifications are the Customer Engagement Software. Such software are made solely for the customer conversion and they have a high success rate.

Friendly Reminder: Never spam customers with emails and messages this can be a big turn off!

How to Use Marketing Automation Tools?

Marketing is all about human psychology. It is a science in which no one is an expert in. You need to rely on market automation tools and experiments. When you attract your customers to your webpage via notifications, emails and banners the next you do is to keep them engaged and know their behavior. 

These are a few tools by which you can top the game:

Conversion Rate Optimization tools

  • A/B Testing: are you trying too hard in the designing and maintenance of your site but it is not making your conversions. This is the right time you need to test more variants of the page. Test if what works best for you can get visitors into conversions.
  • Heat maps: analyzing is a must. You need to use heat maps to know what lacks in your website, and which part you need to work the most on. Heat maps are the graphical representation of data which uses colors to show the activity on your page.
  • Surveys: the best way to know your subscribers need is creating a survey. Make a good questionnaire so that they tell you their demands, and you can implement them.
  • Personalization: Billions of people live around the world that belongs to different age group and got different taste. So you need to work according to it. Work for everyone, think of you as a customer and then take any action.

Marketing Automation Tools

Not just using Marketing Automation tools will get you customers you also need to take care of a few things. 

  • Social Media: this is the biggest and the largest platform where you can target your audience. Post ads and create campaigns. Half of the population around the world spends the maximum hours of their day on social media. So what better platforms for letting them know about your business than this?
  • Blogging and Content: write about it. Play with intelligent words; smart words can get you leads. Write words that can make your business unique, words that can make you stand out in this head to head competition.
  • Newsletters: sending newsletters to your customers can make them feel special. And a study has found that 70% of the customers become leads when you send them newsletters.
  • Demo Videos: visuals are better turnouts. There are many pieces of research to prove that. Make convincing videos. Let people know about your products, in a much better way so that people can feel related to you.

These are some lead making tactics that you can follow to get conversions. But what has Market Automation in store for you? Strategizing and Analyzing are words.

If something is not working for you opting for the other. I will keep emphasizing on the word ‘Exploring’. Keep exploring!


These are some best ways to experiment. Change, Experiment, and Repeat. You need to funnel out your flaws to know your weak parameters and work on them for better results.

Analyzing, planning, strategizing and implementing are the golden rule.

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