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Tips to improve your Instagram engagement Rate– With the popularity of social media in recent years, Instagram has not left any stones unturned.

There are 2 billion users on social media worldwide, the photo and video-sharing app have 70 billion photo uploads each day which make Instagram the undisputed king. Not only it has been popular because of the no. of users it has reached the highest numbers because every user has an urge to gain maximum followers and likes on the individual picture itself.

Instagram engagement

The competition of rising above in a number of followers and likes has made this app a sensational hit. There are tons of ways to increase potential engagement on Instagram. Here we have discussed a few methods that you can start today to boost your fan following:-

Just be active

Have you ever had the feeling some of your friends are ignoring you, by not starting a conversation or hanging around with you? After some time you realize you also did not take the initiative to contact first. Instagram works exactly the same way. If you want to engage your fans then go after it. You cannot expect your fans to strike a conversation with you.

Connect with people using hashtag

Using Hashtags has been already tried and tested by many people to get maximum followers and engagement. It is the best way to stand out on Instagram. A lot of people use hashtags to find relevant people who they are not following.

Hashtag organizes the images and videos that use the specific hashtag into one category which makes it easy to search for people with a common interest. Be sure that your hashtag is relevant to the picture it is updated with and should also include some words that people search the most.

Experiment with the Caption

Instagram is a photo and video sharing app but you can use it to grasp the fan with the written words. Attract the attention with an eye-catching picture and engage them by storytelling caption.

Instagram gives you 2000 characters to express yourself, so experiment with different things to drive the attention of the users. Sometimes short and meaningful caption also attracts the followers, so try out different thing and check which works for you best.


There are 300 million active users on Instagram and more than 70 % of users are flocking the platform to grow their followers. With the right approach and methods, you can see great returns on your engagement.

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